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iOS 6 is now out, who has downloaded it and what are your thoughts?

#2 Posted by MideonNViscera (2252 posts) -

I downloaded it and it means nothing to me, other than my maps are slightly different and I had to re-download YouTube. The VIP mail thing is ok, but since I have a separate e-mail for work anyway, it doesn't do much for me. I'm just glad it only gave me one more thing to put in my junk folder.

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Work have instructed us not to update until they have tested it with the programmes they have in it, so I wouldn't know yet. I am sure I won't care though. I like the iPhone, but if it were my money, I wouldn't own one, or any smart phone.

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I'm waiting until the baby sicknesses are all worked out.

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Is anything added that makes up for the lack of Google maps? Seems like a downgrade if anything.

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We already have a thread about ios6

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@SexyToad: Ah sorry, I looked but didn't see one.

Oh and join the Bombshelter, we need more people.

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I need get back to the bomb shelter, I haven't been there in a few days. I might in a bit.

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Locking this duplicate thread. The original can be found here.