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So I came home from work and turned on my PC. A message popped up saying there was an IP address conflict, and that I should fix it. I looked it up and it seems to be a problem if I had tried to get two computers on one IP address or something like that. Anyway I haven't done anything like that, so I am not really sure how to solve this problem, or how it may have happened.

Any advice?

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How many computers/ games consoles hooked up to your router?

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Either 2 devices are trying to use the same ip, or 1 devices Ip wasn't realeased correctly,

Restarting the router /devices is the quickest fix.

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Is your internet secure? because if it is unsecured then some one might be on your internet.

but unless you have a static ip address. what you should be able to do is

  1. turn off your computer
  2. turn on your computer

then that should solve the problem.

if you have a static ip address you have to go into your wireless settings and change it to ether a non-static ip address, or change the ip address that your computer uses.

it happens when a device is told to use a non-static ip, and gets an ip, then another device that is told to get a static ip, and trys to get the same ip. it could also be because you have a xbox, or ps3 or even a wii hooked up and they are using an address, then your computer trys to take that address.

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Do you have a wireless router? Is it secured? Log into the router and check the access logs, you may have a leeching neighbor. Though if DHCP is on (usually default) it shouldn't be giving you an IP conflict anyway as the router will only give out unused IPs.

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@BrickRoad: My desktop computer, which is the one that is having the problem, is connnected to it through a wire. Everything else ( 2 laptops, an Xbox and a PS3) are connected to it wireless-ly. So 5 in total.

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Just take out the electric cord from your router and plug it back in. It should assign new IP's to all devices that don't have static addresses then.

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@Fajita_Jim: @Dagbiker:

My wireless is password protected, but I just recently changed that password. I'll try restarting my computer and see if that helps.

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Pretty much been covered in previous posts, but turn all the equipment off, then turn the router on, then turn the devices on one by one, they should get new IP's.

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@BrickRoad said:

Pretty much been covered in previous posts, but turn all the equipment off, then turn the router on, then turn the devices on one by one, they should get new IP's.

Yep. This, assuming you're DHCP.
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Ok so I turned everything off, unplugged it, and plugged it back in and now I am not getting the message. Thanks again for all the help. I just realized I have no idea what I am doing with this computer. I'm not sure if my IP is static or not, or if I'm DHCP or not.

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There's ip and there's conflict, so that's relevant to the thread.

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It append to me when I plugged in my new computer, the problem was that I named it the same name than my old one.

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you know this thread is several years old, right?