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So I am having a common problem in which the first party iPhone headphones volume control are not working, the headphones work fine and far as sound goes. This problem came after my friend forced in third party headphones now here is the tricky part, a lot of people have this problem and the common fix is to dig out lint out of the phone, I'm guessing the third-party headphones forced the lint all the way in as now when I plug in my regular headphones they don't fit all the way, anyway to fix this?

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@LRP21: i hate apple, expensive junk
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@LRP21: Try compressed air with the little straw thing on the end.
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@Zidd: seems like a good idea, thanks bro, i'll have to go to staples and buy that
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@LRP21: be careful with it though because there is a liquid damage sticker in there that apple employees check out when you bring your phone in for service.