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My friend will be studying abroad in Ireland in a few weeks and want to know if you guys have any recommendations on candy there. She plans to bring some back for me, but she doesn't know what to look for. We are both American. Could you duders help us out?

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any will do. just save em up and keep upgrading the sword. run a quest and get the key, then get a farm and start planting lollipops.

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Werthers Original.

Number 1 candy amongst dodgy old men.

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Mostly the same as UK, maybe a few regional specialties.

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4000 Wispas.

Greatesr goddamn chocolate bar you'll ever eat (4000 of).

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Is she from America? If so, Cadbury's and Nestlé chocolate are far superior to the chocolate she's used to. My personal favourite would be everything. She can't go wrong.

Or is Irish Candy some foreign euphemism for alcohol?

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@mandude said:

Or is Irish Candy some foreign euphemism for alcohol?

Why does that sound racist?

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Most of our 'candy' (We just call 'em sweets) are just really the general Nestle and Cadbury range that you can get in most of Europe. I'm a huge fan of Snickers though. I would swim in Snickers if I could. Picnic is amazing too. Irish don't really make our own candy as @mandude pointed out though, just the alcoholic kind.

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@video_game_king said:

@mandude said:

Or is Irish Candy some foreign euphemism for alcohol?

Why does that sound racist?

Does it? I think I could get on board with such a term, and I'm more than ready to give recommendations on my favourite alcohol.

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If you want Irish made stuff you'd probably need to get hard-boiled sweets like brandy balls or something as they are usually made locally. The ones I get are anyway. They are usually on a separate rack in most convenience stores. As for chocolates and such, it's pretty much the same as anywhere in the UK. If in the North she could get Tayto crisps or something. I dunno if they do those down South.

Also, we don't call anything candyーunless it's Halloween, when you can get candy apples. Other than those, candy seems like such a generic term that can mean any kind of sweet/chocolate to me.

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Anything made of chocolate. Flakes are amazing, especially in an ice cream cone. Crunchies are like better Butterfingers. You can get them over in the US but I remember Aero bars being way easier to find over their, and those are super good. Smarties are better M&Ms.

Generally, anything with chocolate will be delicious. Even Cadbury Buttons over their are better than pretty much any candy you'll get stateside, except maybe the real fancy stuff.

I'd suggest you smuggle the eggs over, but pretty sure they will confiscate them if they find them.

Tayto crisps are worth 4 times their weight in gold. Holy shit they are so much better than chips here in the states.

Just tell her to try a bit of everything, and take back the best stuff.

Man, I need to import some Tayto crisps.

OH! Get some Chef Sauce. It's an awesome sandwich condiment. Vaguely vinegary but there's a lot more to it. A roast beef, swiss, chef sauce, and tayto crisps sandwich is fucking heaven on earth oh my god.

And if you like tea, ask the locals for the best brands and snag some.

In short, just bring all things edible.

I miss Ireland.

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Off the top of my head these were the best sweets from when I was small:

Sweets: Blackjacks, Juicy Fruits, Chewits, Double Dip, Choc Dip, Snowball, Frosties, Refreshers, Drum Stick, Stinger, Hubba Bubba.

Chocolate: Animal Bar, Freddo, Curly Wurly, Starbar, Klipso, Macaroon, Mint Crisp, Wagon Wheels.

Crisps: Banshee Bones, Ma'Reillys, Meanies, Jonnie Onion Rings, Rancheros, Hunky Dorys, Tayto, King, Chicatees, Chipstix, Snax, MIghty Munch. Burger Bites

In my adult years I've had to get a number of fillings, a root canal and a crown. No regrets..

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I go to the UK yearly. I like Crunchie bars and Mint Aeros the best. Chocolate Oranges and Jaffa Cakes are cool too.

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@theht said:

any will do. just save em up and keep upgrading the sword. run a quest and get the key, then get a farm and start planting lollipops.

I closed my browser by accident. Lost two hours worth of candies.

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Dave_442 pretty much nailed it. Tayto are awesome and I love cream pies and I suck and chew the world of clove rocks.

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I'm enjoying a pint of Ireland's favourite candy as we speak :)

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What the fuck is a crisp? Potato Chips?

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@ssully: Yup. Potato Chips are called crisps; French Fries are called chips.

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Double Decker

King Crisps

Tayto chocolate bar (Might taste horrible, it's a new limited edition run)

Various Cadburys chocolate. (Dairy Milk, Buttons, Fingers, Wispa, Twirl etc.)


Cookies from Marks and Spensers are delicious.

Macaroon bars

Wine Gums

@dave_442 is wise, everything he says belongs in your mouth.

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This is what she got me! :D

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"Irish Candy?" That's what they call me.

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Normal Irish Cadbury Dairy Milk is actually creamier than the english one.

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@baldgye: They were bought in Ireland....

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I've never seen an old man eating a Twix

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As someone from the UK I find it really weird to see someone so excited about stuff I see every day. I guess that is what it's like for Americans who watch brits go fucking insane for Hersheys and Butterfingers etc.

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She should've stopped off at Scotland and gotten some tablet. It would've been worth it.

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Iries. They're a Rastafarian delicacy that Ireland imports frequently.

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