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I bought that limited edition Dragon T-shirt awhile back and it came in the mail yesterday. I opened the bag, admired the shirt design and instantly felt like the shirt was extremely poorly made by the feel of it, but I shrugged it off and just assumed that it must be the fabric it's made out of and it's no big deal. Then today rolls around and after getting out of the shower and I'm on my way to work I decide to throw on my new shirt. I pull it over my head and put the slightest amount of pull to pull it down and I hear a ripping sound. I take it off and find that the collar is ripped to shit. All around the ring the stitching is falling apart and not just around the little tear that I herd, but there was about 5 other tiny ones all around the collar that quickly became one big rip.

EDIT: Talked to Dave about this via PM and everything has been worked out. If you are reading this and thinking about getting a shirt please don't let it sway your decision against doing so. It was just one of those things that happen.

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Every shirt I've gotten (which is many) is great quality. Maybe you just got a bad one? Mine have gone through some decent wear and tear and seem fine.

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I have the Lincoln Force shirt and the I'm a Wizard shirt and they are both excellent quality.

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My Space Neon Lobsters shirt has been great, hasn't degraded at all.

My Oscar Mike shirt though, that ripped pretty quick through standard use. So, I guess hit and miss for me.

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Oh that sucks....  Hopefully youll get a refund

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Send it back and ask for a refund? I like to think that most things from this site are quality.

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I have... I think four? None of mine have had any issues. I'd PM Dave or something.

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@crusader8463: Obviously not our usual quality. Give me a sec and I'll send you a PM with some stuff. Please accept our apology as both the quality and condition of our shirts are very important to us.

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I've got quite a few shirts from here, and even the first member's shirt is still in solid shape.

I've got a ton of shirts so no single one sees all that much use, but they're holding up as well as the others regardless.

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Dave savin the day.

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@snide said:

@crusader8463: Obviously not our usual quality. Give me a sec and I'll send you a PM with some stuff. Please accept our apology as both the quality and condition of our shirts are very important to us.

Thanks, I was just wondering if maybe it was an off run and no one had mentioned they had this problem too. Shit happens and all that, but it just took me back getting my first shirt in this kind of state given how I have literally heard nothing but praise about the quality of the clothing from the store.

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Wow that is weird. Mine didn't come ripped or anything. It did have some dried up skeet on it. Bet it was Alex.

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I had a hole in the shoulder of my first-run Zaxxon throwback shirt. I got in contact with Daniel and he immediately sent a new one. Every other shirt I've gotten has been perfectly fine.

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You were probably just unlucky, the shirts I got are still in great shape. You shouldn't worry about it happening again.

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Santa Snide. Ho Ho Ho.

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I'm a fan of PR Dave.

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Woops missed Dave's response, no need to contact Daniel

One thing you can always be sure of, Whiskey Media will take care of it's users

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I've never seen a site treat people as well as GB. You're the man, Dave.

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I have four or five shirts and they are the most comfortable shirts I own and very durable. Hopefully you get a replacement!

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I only have the original whiskey member shirt but it's been treating me good, in fact it's my favorite shirt, it's really comfy.

Given how much I like it I guess it's kind of weird that I don't own more of them, since I have the money I think I'm actually going to rectify that right now.

I hope you'll get a new shirt/refund.

Edit: Damnit, I guess I really missed out on that chat dragon one, ah well.

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I'll add myself to the mountain of people with counter-examples: I've bought two shirts from the Whiskey Media store (2010 Membership Shirt and the GiantBomb Throwback) both of which arrived in good condition and are holding up well after months of wear.

Hopefully your replacement shirt arrives swiftly in a better condition!

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Sorry to hear yours was not in good condition, I can say that I have had two shirts on two separate orders (Dragon shirt and the Bomb shirt) shipped to here to the UK and the quality on both are brilliant and are now some of my favorite shirts, so this must just be just a bad one.

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I can vouch for the quality of Whiskey's shirts, I own many of them and haven't had a defect yet. They're pretty nice shirts, the cotton is nice and soft. Though defects can happen from time to time obviously, glad to see they'll clear the issue up when it occurs.

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My Duder shirt is of such great quality that I cab wear it ceaselessly on the daily without having to wash it.

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@Ratcabbage said:

I'm a fan of PR Dave.

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Don't worry man. I got a big fat head too.

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I think you just got unlucky Crusader. I've got one of the "BOMB" tshits (which I'm wearing as I type this), and a Tested blockhead tee, both very nicely made and comfortable and I would say they're the best tshirts I own.

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My member's shirt is still in great condition. I think you just received a lemon.