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What up duders. I'm considering moving to Hawaii to attend HPU, and get my bachelor degree (minor?). Thing is, I always hear how expensive it is to live in Hawaii, and I'm sure it is. I'm from Norway though, and I'm living in Oslo now, and it's one of the most expensive places to live.

So what I'm wondering is, comapred to Oslo, is Hawaii really that expensive?

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I think it depends on which island you are...

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I would assume its just a general increase in the cost of living due to the expense of transporting goods to a remote location. I've never been their, but I did live in northern Ontario for a while and many things, especially gas and food, we're considerable more expensive than in the major city I live in now

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Its super expensive compared to mainland America- I lived there for awhile in 2002-2003. Though if you live in Norway and are already used to paying a ton for gas and milk and stuff, it might not be so bad.