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Posted by Bell_End (1208 posts) 1 year, 6 months ago

Poll: is it ok to laugh at your own jokes? (174 votes)

yes 84%
no 16%

if you come out with something really witty and clever that has the crowd rolling around wetting themselves at how funny you are.

is it ok to laugh at the said 'joke' or should you have to look cool and like yeah i know im funny... what of it?

#1 Edited by Funkydupe (3318 posts) -

Of course. If it is funny, people laugh, even the ones telling the jokes. Do you tell jokes to look cool, or to be funny?

#2 Posted by Morrow (1829 posts) -

Yes, but only when the others laugh too. Makes you look a little stupid to be the only one laughing at your jokes.

#3 Posted by GunstarRed (5179 posts) -

I'm pretty funny, well I think I am... probably not.

#4 Edited by gogosox82 (424 posts) -

If its funny, why not?

#5 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5007 posts) -

If it was a sick burner, then yes, it is okay. But if the people around you just chuckle a little bit, then no.

#6 Edited by Icicle7x3 (1180 posts) -

Depends on the joke.

#7 Edited by Slax (918 posts) -

Yup. If you say something to be funny, it's generally because you found it funny so laugh away. Who cares what people think...

#8 Posted by JasonR86 (9705 posts) -

Yes. Sometimes I have to be my biggest fan otherwise I would have none at all.

#9 Posted by DrFlapjack (234 posts) -

I usually don't unless I find it really funny. But sure, although I do find it annoying when someone laughs at everything they say to encourage other people to laugh.

#10 Posted by Fattony12000 (7409 posts) -

I laugh to cover up the pain.

#11 Posted by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -

It's only appropriate with the joke is obviously not funny and nobody else is laughing.

#12 Posted by Animasta (14691 posts) -

only if it was really good, or really bad (a self depreciating chuckle, that is to say)

#13 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -

There's nothing inherently bad about it, but if you're alone in a group, laughing at your own joke while everyone looks kind of uncomfortable, then it might just be a bit weird.

#14 Posted by Fredchuckdave (5475 posts) -

Depends how funny the joke is. Never laughing at your own jokes just makes you look like a tool, but you don't want to overdo it either.

#15 Posted by Clonedzero (4200 posts) -

yes because i do it, and if its not then im even more socially awkward than i already am

#16 Posted by Pr1mus (3907 posts) -

Of course. Imagining someone who never laughs while telling a joke is basically imagining a robot telling the joke.

#17 Posted by SlashDance (1814 posts) -

I'm the only one laughing at my jokes. Don't take that away from me !

#18 Posted by supamon (1333 posts) -

How else will people know it's suppose to be funny? Ahhhahahahahahahaha!

#19 Posted by Winternet (8018 posts) -

Heck yeah. Laughing is great!

#20 Posted by CollegeGuyMike (389 posts) -

Might as well, no one else does. :(

#21 Posted by Everyones_A_Critic (6298 posts) -

Yes, but I will always let a few seconds go for others to laugh before I join in, because there's nothing worse than bombing and being the only one laughing.

#22 Edited by Video_Game_King (36272 posts) -

Hell yes. I do it all the time.

#23 Posted by Sanity (1906 posts) -

Hell yea, its contagious and a bad joke can be saved by contagious laughter.

#24 Posted by pyromagnestir (4324 posts) -

If Louis CK does it then it must be okay.

#25 Posted by deathstriker666 (1337 posts) -

Comedy is reflective of one's own sense of humor. If you can't laugh at your own jokes then what's the point?

#26 Edited by mellotronrules (1192 posts) -

depends on the context- but if it's literally a classic 'joke' with a setup and a punchline, i'd say no. if you need to laugh to sell the joke, it probably isn't that funny. same goes for sketch based comedy- jimmy fallon used to laugh on SNL all the time, and while it might have endeared him to certain individuals- it really sort of ruins the delivery if you can't keep it together.

but if we're talking about off-the-cuff remarks, quips, or part of a standup routine- that's different.

#27 Posted by Mrsignerman44 (1100 posts) -

Of course, I don't tell jokes to look cool at all. It's just how I relate to people most of the time.

#28 Posted by Alekss (327 posts) -

If I'm not gonna laugh, then who will?

#29 Posted by BeachThunder (11929 posts) -

Yes, but make sure you actually tell the joke before laughing.

#30 Posted by BlatantNinja23 (930 posts) -

If you don't the stuff you yourself say funny, than that's pretty sad.

#31 Edited by Toxin066 (3287 posts) -

I'm gotdang hilarous. Unfortunately, I'm often my own audience.

#32 Posted by pyromagnestir (4324 posts) -

Yes, but make sure you actually tell the joke before laughing.

Oh man. That's the worst. No joke ever lives up to the pre joke laugh. You might as well just keep it to yourself at that point.

#33 Posted by Dallas_Raines (2161 posts) -

It's okay up to a point, but if you laugh after every single joke you tell, you end up looking like an asshole.(Daniel Tosh)

#34 Edited by kerse (2113 posts) -

only if everyone else is also laughing and you arent laughing the hardest

#35 Edited by Sparky_Buzzsaw (6192 posts) -

So long as you're not the guy laughing hardest. That's usually a good sign you're being a loud, abrasive asshat.

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#36 Posted by T1000 (45 posts) -

I do sometimes, especially if i'm making someone laugh, I laugh.

#37 Edited by kidman (469 posts) -

Jokes are best served dry so... hello no. It's slightly acceptable if you made someone laugh and their laughter gets to you then it's fine, cause you're technically not laughing at your own joke.

I mean you're the one telling the joke, right so how can it make you laugh? Same way you can't tickle yourself.

#38 Posted by Milkman (16785 posts) -

Most of the time, no but I can imagine some scenarios where it would be okay.

#39 Posted by dgtlty (159 posts) -

I think we need some examples to give this more context. What's acceptable to laugh at yourself and what is not?

#40 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3149 posts) -

Yeah, you obviously found the joke funny enough to say it.

#41 Edited by mlarrabee (2951 posts) -

I try to laugh at only my stupid jokes. Which, honestly, is a very large percentage.

Wry wit? You can't laugh. Those snappy zingers only work with an appraising eye and a cocked brow.

#42 Posted by mandude (2669 posts) -

As long as you're not the only one laughing.

#43 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (3727 posts) -

Sometimes I'm the only one laughing at my jokes, because I'm the only one who gets to "hear" them. I think of some wildly inappropriate things to say at work.

#44 Posted by RedCream (705 posts) -

Laugh unless you're going for that dry humor.

#45 Edited by probablytuna (3657 posts) -

If it's funny, why can't you laugh at it? Even if it's a joke of your own.

#46 Posted by AiurFlux (902 posts) -

Of course. Hell I'm the only one that laughs at my jokes. Then people seem to walk away from me and leave me alone. I'm quite content.

#47 Posted by bennyboy (328 posts) -

no the joke police will come and arrest you if laugh at your own jokes so don't you dare do it.

#48 Posted by BiffMcBlumpkin (3720 posts) -

That's totally fine so long as you laugh immediately after finishing the joke before anyone else has a chance to start laughing, and you maintain eye contact through the entire laugh.

#49 Edited by PenguinDust (12515 posts) -

You have to have some sort of audio cue so people know you're joking otherwise they might take you seriously. Then you'd be that creepy guy instead of that funny guy. A full-on belly laugh might be a bit excessive, but a small chuckle is perfectly fine. Besides, when people hear someone else laugh they're more likely to laugh themselves. This is why TV has laugh-tracks.

#50 Edited by deadmoscow (262 posts) -
@bennyboy said:

no the joke police will come and arrest you if laugh at your own jokes so don't you dare do it.