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I've never been one for "cons", as I've grown up with the impression that the people frequenting such events are very weird dudes akin to the fellow on the left here. There's also really not a lot that I care enough about to go check out at a public event centered around fandom.

A buddy of mine is attempting to convince me to attend the Vancouver Fan Expo after party, as we both tend to enjoy beer and video games. The plot doesn't really thicken at all, but my youngest sister very much enjoys James Marsters' character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and he allegedly would be at this "expo". How far out of my way is it acceptable to go to attempt to snag an autograph or something? Cause while I would like to go for "Brother of the Year" I'd rather not spend $50+ bucks on a silly memento.

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I think its dumb, i have not met "famous people" but i'd never go out of my way to take a picture with them or say something to them. What am i going to say "I loved you in that one movie/TV show" they will be like "cool".

Unless it was Justin Beaver.

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I don't think there's anything wrong with getting a picture with someone you think is cool or an autograph. If I got the chance to meet Tom Morello or Josh Homme I'd probably poop myself. As for paying a whole bunch for it, yeah that might be a bit much.

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I met Val Kilmer a few years back when he and Will Forte came to my home town to do a one man show where Kilmer played Mark Twain (It was for a charity dedicated to aiding impoverished Native Americans) and he was the fucking NICEST dude. Holy shit. Signed my brothers camera case and sat and talked to 10 or 12 of us about whatever for another half hour. Just a really, exceptionally nice dude. And man, he can do a really good Mark Twain.

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depends, I met Steve-O in an airport, he smelled like shit but was one of the nicest dudes ever. Sat and talked to me and my gf for like thirty minutes. On the other hand I waited on John Cena when I worked at a Bob Evans, he was kind of a dick, but maybe I caught him on a bad day or something.

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I've met a couple of famous people and a few semi-famous ones. I met Michael Jordan and shook his hand. That was pretty cool. I didn't really care about any of the others. So I'd say fame isn't a big deal in and of itself, it's more about meeting people you greatly admire who also happen to be famous.

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I was a newspaper reporter for years so I met and interviewed some "famous" folks, I guess. I saw Al Franken in a bathroom in Washington, DC, during a conference. The bathroom was empty but for the two of us, and he was at a urinal about five places away from me. I kept my mouth shut b/c saying, "Hey you're Al Franken" at a urinal is in the "do not dos" of starting a conversation with anyone.

Kind of embarrassing, but since OP brought up Marsters, I must admit that I did attend a Buffy con once with a friend, his wife, and a few of her friends. Yes, it was everything you'd think it would be. Comic Book Guy stereotypes dickering over Angel figurines and the like. Nicholas Brendon (Xander) was there along w/ the guy who played Giles and a few other folks (No BUffy, Willow, Faith or Spike I'm afraid). Some guy asked Brendon what it was like to have a love scene with Eliza Duskhu, to which Mssr Brendon replied, "Probably just how you imagine it (when you're masturbating). " Ok, the parens are mine, but that was the implication. So yeah, the whole thing was pretty lame and shameful and slightly sad, and this comes from someone who considers BtVS one of his favorite shows of all time.

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No. They're just regular people.

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if you (and he) is at a con he probably expects to autograph things.

if he's just at a store or whatever, then asking for autographs is probably in bad form.

(the closest I got to famous was I was like 5 feet away from Drew Carey and Colin Mochrie when I was waiting for one of their vegas shows admittedly)

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Sure, but meeting them in a crowded convention center where they have to deal with weird people all day is probably the worst way to do so.

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Went to Michael Jordan's family reunion. Rumors are true: he's a dick.

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So I'd say fame isn't a big deal in and of itself, it's more about meeting people you greatly admire who also happen to be famous.

I agree with this. For me, this is what makes it exciting. Even still, I don't become overwhelmed with excitement or anything, I just enjoy being able to meet and talk with someone who has been influential on my life. Celebrities that actually act like they are hot shit and too good to interact with their fans aren't worth the hype or time.

Last week, I went to see my favorite band for the seventh time. I had the VIP pass to meet and hang out with them after the show. I will say that I was incredibly excited at the prospect of meeting the people I consider my personal heroes, people who have had a profound impact on me in several ways. They are some of the nicest, most genuine and down-to-earth guys I've met in my life and were incredibly easy to talk to. One of the things I love about them.

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I saw Christopher Walken once in New York City, that was pretty cool.

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I met Val Kilmer a few years back when he and Will Forte came to my home town to do a one man show where Kilmer played Mark Twain (It was for a charity dedicated to aiding impoverished Native Americans)

What in the holy hell...that sounds amazing.

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I thought it was cool to meet Mills Lane when I was a kid. He sat in the booth next to mine in a restaurant in Reno. I instantly recognized the voice. Seemed like I nice guy. We said "hi" to each other and I went along my merry way. I think he was just happy that some random kid knew who he was.

For those who are too young to know who he is -- he was the ref in the Mike Tyson v. Evander Holyfield fight and ended up having one of the original judge shows after Judge Judy took off.

I think it mainly comes down to age on if you give a shit or not. 10 years ago I would have loved to meet members from my favorite bands and probably just end up looking like a retard. Now, I would probably ask if they want to get drunk and just ignore the fact that they are "famous".

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@milkman said:

@mariachimacabre said:

I met Val Kilmer a few years back when he and Will Forte came to my home town to do a one man show where Kilmer played Mark Twain (It was for a charity dedicated to aiding impoverished Native Americans)

What in the holy hell...that sounds amazing.

It was really cool. And he was really funny. I went as a requirement for my college English class (it was also free) but I decided to donate because it was for a great cause and I cannot stress enough how cool he was. He deserved that $50. And I regretted getting such a cool show for free.

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My friend worked at an airport and met Dwayne "THE ROCK" Johnson. I guess he is the nicest dude.

edit: just realized this has nothing to do with what you asked, sorry lol.

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Well, I met Stan Lee and did not give a single fuck since I don't really care about comics. Though I did see Fabio once, he was about 20 yards away from me, and got pretty excited. Dude killed a bird with his face, man.

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My neighbors are friends with Jim Caviezel. We hung out at a neighborhood barbecue. Nice guy, but about as interesting in real life as any character he's ever played in his career.

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Most of the ones I've known haven't been that great and going anywhere with them is annoying because complete strangers act like idiots around them. Then they have to act like they hate it, but they're really completely addicted to it.

The ones that I've met that I actually respect make me nervous because I realize the creepy amounts of information I know about them but I really have nothing to say to them other that "I like things you make". It's easier for me to actually talk to famous people I don't care about.

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I met the voice actor for Captain N once. I almost peed myself, but that was probably because he was hot and Canadian.

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@mrcool11: T Trully, it depends. I have had both experiences. I meet a few TV/Movie celebrities that I feel are the equivalent to your buffy lady, and it was all kinda eah, but then I meet Neil Armstrong once and it blew my mind. My Dad, My Brother and I drove for 33 hours to see him, and I feel it was worth it. I don't think that it is hyperbole to say it may be the best moment of my life.

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I've met Mankind once at a WWE Access when I was like 15, that was pretty badass.

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It can be kind of neat to meet someone that you have spent a lot of time seeing on TV. When I was about 12 I met a bunch of basketball players from the NBA when I went to a basketball camp and it was kind of cool. Mostly because I was a kid but they were really good dudes too. I think, as an adult, it would still be cool to meet some people in person but it wouldn't have the same thrill as it did when I was a kid.

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My late grandfather was a bit actor in the 60s and 70s before voicing some cartoon characters people would probably recognize, but other than him, those couple of Brandon Sanderson book signings I've been to and that one time I may have seen Sigourney Weaver at a gas station, I can't say I've ever been near a famous person. And I'm okay with that.

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The novelty does wear off rather quickly, but I won't lie and say that it's not a cool experience most of the time. We're talking C-list and below in my experiences, but it's the same deal:

"Oh hey, that person what did a thing I like!"

*chat about that thing they did*

"Yep, you're a pretty normal duder!"

*normal people chat*

"Cool beans. Ta!"

Really, the only thing different that they bring to the table are a ton of anecdotes. One that I ended up becoming good friends with is the very epitome of normal, despite his rather bizarre claims to semi-fame. One minute, he's firing lasers from his nipples in a music video, the next, he's taking cat photos.

Edit: Lest I come off too "cool-cat" about it, I'd lose my everloving shit over meeting some of my favorite musicians.

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I think it is for a lot of people yes because humans are social creatures and interacting with people who have a perceived higher social status is usually exciting for most people. I know I would love to get the chance to meet Chris Jericho or CM Punk two of my favorite wrestlers ever. Also, no lie I'd probably turn into a sobbing mess if I ever got the chance to meet Lady Gaga.

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I saw former UFC champion Rashad Evans when I was in Florida last Christmas. He was sitting and eating dinner outside at a restaurant. Thankfully, I wasn't quite drunk enough yet to yell something dumb and get my ass beat (or that's how the long consideration in my head went when I was slowly ambling by).

But there are certain famous people, most of which are of the beautiful, female, Korean type that I would just lose my shit and scream like a little girl if I ran into them on the street. I would like to think I could play it cool and try to talk to them like a random human being, but I just don't see that happening.

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I sold Geddy Lee a movie ticket, but he looked like he was in a bad mood.

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I saw Conan O'Brien walking around when I went on a tour of WB studios once. It was pretty cool but I'd really love to see someone who (as @frankfartmouthsaid) I admire who happens to be famous like Bill Burr, Louis CK or Christopher Walken instead.

Case in point, my dad met Mike Tyson at a gas station in Vegas a few days before his infamous fight with Evander Holyfield, and he admired him greatly. It was one of the highlights of his life, I barely remembered the conan thing until now. So meeting someone who you admire probably leaves a more lasting impression on you.

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I personally think it is a waste of money, though it was pretty awesome when i got Billy Dee Williams autograph at Toronto Fan Expo like 10 years ago and he was obviously experiencing a bad hangover and nobody was visiting his booth. When my friends and i go to cons we prefer to treat it more like a zoo, we don't get in line for autographs but instead wander around where all the "famous" people are and point at them and giggle like school girls.

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Are the GB guys celebrities? No? Ok.

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Here's me with Gabe from earlier this year. That was pretty awesome.

Here's Gabe wearing a horse mask.

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@mrcool11 said:

Cause while I would like to go for "Brother of the Year" I'd rather not spend $50+ bucks on a silly memento.

What kind of Brother of the Year would you be if $50+ gets in your way! Going to an expo with a friend doesn't sound like a bad time anyways.

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I've seen quite a few famous people at shows and recordings and stuff, but I've never been in a situation to actually talk to them. I did sit at the table next to Professor Green in a restaurant, but I didn't want to just get up and disturb them.

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Met a bunch of horror actors when I used to help a friend at his comic boot at several cons over the years. Danielle Harris is adorable in real life as she is in movies. Michael Madsen is a hardcore drunk. Coolest dude was Robers Kurtzman (KNB Effects). Had pizza with him and his crew and told him Wishmaster was one of the greats and he told me to fuck off. :) Oh and Macho Man babysat me years ago.

P.S. Never ever wait in line for an autograph. Its tacky.

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Met a few pro skateboarders, most famous being Koston. Asked to take a photo of him in front of the girls toilets and he obliged. Now that I look back on it that's pretty lame.

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I was pretty excited when I saw Greg Kasavin outside of GDC. So if he counts as a famous person, then yes.

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I met Walter White so I was pretty excited about that.

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I met Wayne Brady after a show. Despite running his ass off to the point that he was pretty drenched with sweat, he still was incredibly gracious and signed or took pictures with whatever or whoever you wanted. Very nice individual.

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I'd imagine it be super cool to get a picture with someone. I wouldn't really care for JUST an autograph. When I went to PAX I had a Bastion, Dive Kick, and Broken Age poster signed. I want the people to sign their work and get a picture with me. But if I ran into Patrick Stewart I wouldn't bust out a Star Trek DVD, I would probably just get a picture with him because that's cool.

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@mariachimacabre: Kilmer's ready adaptation of being a supporting actor after being a lead for years sort of shows that he's a reasonable guy; also he's great in Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans.

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I met Half-Beard once. Got his autograph, shook his hand, chatted. So basically I win, I guess.

It's okay. Depends on who you are and who you're meeting. If I met like... Nathan Fillion? I'd probably be pretty fucking excited. Sgt. Major of the Marine Corps? That'd be a moment to remember. Dude what wrote Buffy? Ehhhhhhhhh... And I actually like that show.

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Christopher Lloyd almost hit me with his car when i was crossing the street, screamed "Get out of the damn road!" then sped off. I'm positive it was him too. Surreal.

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Went to Michael Jordan's family reunion. Rumors are true: he's a dick.

As a kid of maybe 12 or so I won a free week long basketball camp thing where we get to meet him and play basketball with him at the end. You know what happened at the end? We listened to him give a speech in his fucking golf outfit then he straight up split on a bunch of 12 year old's. Fuck that arrogant asshole. He can go get corn holed for all I care. That was around when he retired too. I'm not sure if he was playing baseball yet or not. I feel sorry for those kids that actually payed to be in that camp.

TL:DNR Fuck Michael Jordan and the horse he rode in on.

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Does this count?

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I feel that stuff like this totally depends on what you're expecting to get out of the meeting.

I realize that celebrities, important people in fields of science, sports, and other fields are still people. So the few that I've met I mostly just wanted to state my appreciation for what they do/have done, and expected nothing back from them in return.

This has led to a few really great experiences with some of the people I've met that were famous or critical people in industries.

Harrison Ford, who visits Wichita regularly, is one of the most sincere and nicest guys I've met, even surprisingly so considering just how famous he is. I mostly just wanted to say hello, and thank him for how his body of work has brought enjoyment to me and others, and we ended up having like a 15 minute conversation about random stuff, including his enjoyment of being a pilot.

On the flip side, what really struck this home for me was when I met the (late, sadly) Andy Whitfield before he was in Spartacus. He was actually waiting in the same Atlanta airport terminal as I, for a connecting flight that was going to bring him to another airport then fly him out to New Zealand to start shooting a new show he was really excited for (which ended up being Spartacus). He actually struck up conversation with me as I just stopped playing Coded Arms 2 on the PSP, and inquired if the controls actually worked without a second stick. (As an aside, they were ok, but man the PSP would have been better with a 2nd stick). We ended up talking until my flight arrived.

He was a fantastic person who was into video games as an enthusiast rather than a talking point, and was genuinely happy to try and be a part of something he really believed in with Spartacus. While he didn't go into the show title and what it was about at the time, when I found out what he was in before it started airing, I watched it just because of him.

"Celebrities" are people. Treat them like people rather than something else, and they'll usually do the same. Although I bet there are some out there that are total dicks (from what I hear, Tom Cruise and Steve Jobs are/were kind of assholes to everyone)

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I met the cousin of a girl that is part of a Taiwanese girl group. Does that count??