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John Travolta lives in my hometown. I saw him a few times and its kind of cool. My old boss' daughter called him fat at the Wild Hogs premiere and that was awesome. I also met Tim Tebow when I worked at a water park and he was a complete douche.

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@eder said:

Does this count?

Yes! A million times yes!


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It is what you make it to be. I met Thrice (I guess they're pretty famous right?) at a meet and greet at my school campus once. I was hyped and told the guitarist that he was one of my main inspirations to pick up guitar as a teenager. He said "oh really", and then I said "yeah". And then I didn't really have any small talk planned, so I just got their autographs and a picture and left. I was a little disappointed but what else was I expecting? That they'd ask me to join their band as their second rhythm guitarist?

So yeah, meeting famous people is no big deal. I mean it's kind of cool to be starstruck,and can be fun if you bother to strike up a conversation with them, but it's not like your life is any different afterwards.

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Depends. Gotta keep in mind that they are just people too. Saw Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater keyboardist) at NAMM show about three years ago an asked if I can take a pic with him to which he responded with a semi-stern "Okay, but please make it fast, got an appointment". I mean I'm not gonna sit here and say "what a dick" cause I did catch him when he was on a rush.

On the other hand when I saw Billy Corgan he was kind of incognito and I asked "umm, are you Billy Cor-"

"It's the bad teeth, isn't it?"

Super cool guy, but yeah. They're people too. haha

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I saw a battle rapper last saturday and he gets a couple thousand views for his videos but I mean its not like I was a fan of him. I thought it was cool that I saw him but other than that, meh.

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Doesn't seem to excite me the way it does others. I met Billy Idol and John Cena and they certainly weren't life altering experiences haha

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I think it kind of depends on the situation. If you're in an expo or something and get to get that five minute hangout with your idol or whatever for 50 bucks it's probably pretty cool. I've done interviews and stuff like that with famous people but that's a whole different bag, and it's more about making a somewhat comfortable situation for both parties while getting a good interview going. So if you're just fanboyspazing out, it's probably pretty exciting. If you go into it like a human being, not so much. Still fun though, hopefully.

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I once saw Rutger Hauer riding the train into the city (Zürich). It was merely an exchange in looks. I had to do a double take, and he recognized that I recognized him, and gave me a pleasant smile in return. It was memorable. Don' know exactly why, but it was. Guess that's what fame does to 'ya.

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I met Will, Norm and Joey. That was really cool, and all were super nice. Even Will.

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Depends on what celebrity. I don't think I would approach most celebrities because they're probably sick of it, but if I saw one of the GB duders on the street, I would totally holla at them, yo!

I would probably be way more exited about meeting Vinny or Jeff than any movie star I can think of.

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I've met a few famous musicians It's not really a big deal as long as they aren't dicks.

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Renee Zellweger came to my register when I worked at a bookstore many years ago, I actually didn't recognize her until she spoke. Then she needed a bunch of things gift wrapped and I'm a terrible gift wrapper, but she was really sweet and helped. I wasn't nervous or excited, just kind of awkward because I'm generally bad at small talk. I ended up asking her how she was enjoying the area instead of being all HEY YOU'RE A FAMOUS PERSON. It was cool, but I wouldn't say exciting.

Oh and once I met Stephen King in passing at a high school basketball tournament. He seems like a cool guy.

And I saw the GB guys several times in passing at PAX East 2011 and never said hi. And I now I hate myself forever.

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If the celebrity in question is one with That Aura around them, like RDJ, it's exciting as hell.

Buuuut it's nicer to just enjoy being in their presence and not pester 'em for autographs or something unless they're actively cool with it. They're people like you and I, we have days we don't want to deal.

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I met a various amount of fighting game community folks. I wanted to be excited when I see them but I stay calm and just say SUP.

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Chevy Chase once blew cigarette smoke in my face. That was pretty cool.

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Went to Michael Jordan's family reunion. Rumors are true: he's a dick.

Is he really? I'd think so but I don't like casting judgments.

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@godlyawesomeguy: I was at Juanita's (his wife at the time) family reunion, and he was there. Didn't really talk to anyone, and you got the sense that they were all uncomfortable around him (not because he's famous). Good to his kids it seemed, but that's about the only positive impression I got. Made them all leave against their will pretty quick.

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Over the past few Quakecons I've walked past John Carmack, Todd Howard, Tim Willits, Harvey Smith, and Adam Sessler. I didn't stop any of them-I'm too shy. But it was cool enough just to see them in real life.

So in other words, it can be cool, but I'd guess striking up something / asking for an autograph would be too awkward to be worth it. At least that's how I feel, otherwise I'd have some autographs.

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I've met a few band members while at concerts. It's cool, but in the end they are just regular dudes.

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@godlyawesomeguy: I was at Juanita's (his wife at the time) family reunion, and he was there. Didn't really talk to anyone, and you got the sense that they were all uncomfortable around him (not because he's famous). Good to his kids it seemed, but that's about the only positive impression I got. Made them all leave against their will pretty quick.

Yeah, that doesn't surprise me at all.

Oh, and I met Danny Glover once when I was fifteen! Got a picture with him and told him how much I "love" Predator 2, and all he said was "Thanks."

I also met some not-quite-famous musicians and they were awesome! Like an idiot, I dropped my money when I was buying their merch at a concert of theirs and they were totally cool about my nervousness and picked up my money for me.

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Only when it's someone you look up to and respect. Like, after every show, Penn & Teller spend awhile signing autographs, taking pictures, answering questions etc. I'd love to meet Penn Jillette.

If I ran into, say, Robert Downey Jr. in a 7/11... I wouldn't have anything to say to that guy, probably wouldn't even say "hi."

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I went to Kami Con earlier this year and got to hear Vic Mignogna speak and that was a really fun experience. He told a bunch of stories and was really funny. He then signed my copy of Persona 3, which was pretty awesome. So I guess what I'm getting at is, it depends. Talking to a famous person who lives a life not many get to experience can be a fascinating experience.

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Unless you're bringing your little sister with you, it's not worth trying to get a signature for her.

That said, I met James Marsters at Comic Con a while back. He did a great panel and was really an all around cool guy. Got into a party with some of the Battlestar Galactica cast and they were all really great to hang out with. I got to do some drinking with Colonel Saul Tigh.

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I think it mostly just has to do with how big of a fan you are.
If you really like their work, then of course meeting a famous person would be exciting.
If not, then it's just like meeting anybody else...

I met Mick Foley once, and he seemed like a totally nice guy, but I wasn't really a fan of his, so I didn't get too excited about it, and it ended up being just like talking to anybody else.

However, if I met Jeff Gerstmann or Vinny Caravella, that'd be a different story!
Honestly, I think I'd be way more starstruck from meeting any of the Giant Bomb crew, compared to meeting some actor from Battlestar Galactica (which coincidentally also happened at this sci-fi convention I went to).

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So I'd say fame isn't a big deal in and of itself, it's more about meeting people you greatly admire who also happen to be famous.

This. Shaq comes to my movie theater every once in a while, and not being a fan of basketball, I don't really care that much. Other people do, one dude almost got fired because of his freakout. But if I met like Pat Schneeweis, Sean Bonette or Brad Muir, I'd probably get excited and ask for a picture.

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I was within 5 feet of Al Pacino if that counts, it was pretty cool.

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The level of excitement is dependent on your personal interest in meeting a particular celebrity.

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It's more surreal than exciting, depending on how familiar you are with their work.

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I met Jeff, Ryan, Drew, Brad, Dave, Will Smith, and Gary Whitta at the Whiskey Media Block Party and it was pretty damned exciting, but I guess they're a different sort of famous.

I also saw Gordon Ramsey rush past as I was getting off an airplane in Phoenix once, but that was more surreal than exciting, like @sooty said.

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As much as I think it's fair for people to get excited about meeting famous people, it's important to know that they're just normal people and usually are very down to earth. This PAX East I met some of the GB staff and I thought it was super exciting, but the most astounding part of meeting them was that they were just average people that you could talk to. It was really great. I guess it just depends on who you're meeting.

I once met Zack Wylde on his tour bus when he was touring with Ozzie a few years back. That was exciting, and more importantly he was also very down to earth. They all seem to be nice people. I wonder how much of it is an act...

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I have met Zach Galifianakis and shake hands with Jason Schwartzman one time. Both really nice people, but I didn't flip out or anything. I think meeting famous people is a good lesson in realizing that they are just people (good or dickish), regardless of talent and achievements.

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I was excited to meet Ernie Hudson at a small Illinois convention a few years ago, but then I'm a lifelong Ghostbusters fan. He's super nice.

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I met Akon once, he was trying to return a blender in the refunds line.

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I don't really get the celebrity thing. Like others have said, interaction amounts to not much more than a brief acknowledgement that they did a thing you liked once. I did have a few beers and get a few stories from a singer of a band I like once which was cool, but they weren't exactly famous.

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I met John Cena and one of the former "Divas" at a mall once while I was with friend. It was just signing autographs and pictures, but he seemed nice enough.

Edit: At the time I was excited. For the most part I wouldn't care nowadays, but there are a few musicians I would probably freak out about meeting.