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Poll: Is Space Jam a good movie? (394 votes)

Yes 67%
No 33%

It's time to stop this silly argument once and for all. Is Space Jam good or bad?

#101 Posted by CreepyUncleBrad (204 posts) -

I can't really pick either option because it isn't a good movie, but it isn't not a good movie either. Space Jam is an enigma that can't be defined inside the confines of this reality. So what I'm saying is like 6.5/10?

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It's an incredible movie. I haven't met anyone (in person) who thinks otherwise.

It's just a fun movie to watch, and the Looney Toons humor is still good, even now.

Looney Toons is awesome. Michael Jordan can't act. Those two things are in perfect balance in this movie.

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I have and will forever love Space Jam. If that movies comes on tv I will stop the rest of my day to watch it. IF there ever is a Space Jam 2 starring a certain Lebron James, I will be on the front lines protesting the movie though.

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Space Jam is a great movie in the same way The Wizard is a great movie.

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It is the Citizen Kane of Space Jams