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Jeff and Ryan (and maybe Drake and Pope) should be involved. I don't see any links to it. The only PAX channel on twitch is a concert.

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@drfidget: Your friend has a pretty good quality going too! Make sure to tell them thanks for streaming it for everyone else to watch.

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@drfidget: oh man! tell your friend thanks for streaming!

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Your friend is doing god's work. Good on him.

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That's a pretty good black card, from jeff...

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dudes friend got great seats. right in the back of jeff green and john drake.

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The panel audience, as tweeted by Max!

I'm guessing the one in the yellow-ish green, a few rows behind Jeff is who we have to thank for the stream? :D

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aaand the panels over. fun panel,

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It was a little hard to hear at times. What were the last two audience cards? Something about farting into a vagina and staying married?

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That was a great bootleg stream. Don't know if there was someone else recording in better quality, but if this is all I'll get of this outside of being there I'm good.

Also, reverse queefs.

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Everyone thank @iBidoof on twitter for the stream.