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I have a widescreen HD CRT (from 2004) that does 720p but only takes component(no digital inputs). This generation it was fine because both consoles worked with component and most games were only 720p anyway, so I could play them just fine, but I heard this new generation will only work with HDMI.

So is there a way to make it work with component, like using some sort of converter? The PS4 is new so I dont know if any current converter will work. Maybe some sort of capture device?

I am tight on money right now so I cant buy an LCD TV for a few months after buying the PS4. I can put up with only playing in 720p for now.

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@pinkfloydpla: it looks like there's some cables on ebay that will do that and for cheap, but who knows how well they work. The best buy site has some converters listed and they seem to range from $40 to over $100