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I love video games, I really do. I also love music, writing, manga, movies, computer coding and the most embarrassing of my hobbies, legos. Yes, some 20-year-olds play with legos (Building some awesome stuff in the process I might add).

For a few months, I'll dedicate all my free time to one of these activities. For example, with video games I'll beat that new 70 hour RPG or start achievement boosting like crazy with a bunch of like-minded friends. Then, for no reason I can think of, I'll wake up and have absolutely no urge to play anything. I have even tired forcing myself to continue (especially with playing music) and it just makes me even more uninterested in it. After that I won’t do much at all for a couple weeks and then I'll start doing something else off my list of hobbies.   
This is really aggravating for a few reasons. First of all, flipping through hobbies is damn expensive. For example about a year ago I start obsessing over different manga series. I really enjoyed them for a bit and I was getting pretty knowledgeable on a lot of the minute details in some series. Then like with everything else I haven’t wanted to read up on them since then. That urge to continue reading goes away completely.

There goes that $300… You make some back reselling it but not close to the price you paid. The price is even worse when I start gaming after a hiatus as most of you guys can probably relate to.

Mostly though, I wish I could focus on one hobby to enjoy it more fully. When I go through these hobbies I meet people that have focused on one thing for years and it really makes me jealous. Be it the guy who has a cinema room with 1000 movies, or the musician that is more talented than I could imagine, I can never see myself sticking to one thing. Especially with music, I wish I could just keep myself interested in it in the long haul. I think I would get a lot more out of it than I am currently.

So is there anyone else out there that jumps around from hobby to hobby? I’m curious to see if anyone else out there shares this annoying trait and maybe can share some magical tip to keep yourself interested in one thing. Or will I forever be a jack-of-all trades, master of none as the saying goes?


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If I had enough money I might get into other hobbies as much as I have with videogames.

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I don't see why you would only want one hobby.  That would really seem to limit a person and you're "problem" isn't really a problem.  For instance, I love video games but I can't wait for the weather to get nice soon so I can golf and maybe get that new set of irons I want.

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I spend more time reading novels and free writing than I spend playing video games.

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Legos are awesome let no one tell you otherwise 
i like to read, write and play the trumpet,  and sports having move than one hobbie is not bad at all it allows you to be flexable
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I never really thought of having multiple hobbies as a bad thing.  The idea that you can or should only like one thing is kinda weird to me as a whole.