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It's been on my mind a fair amount recently and I thought I'd make a silly topic about "The far-flung future of _______."

It's a phrase, or setting that's used a lot in movie trailers, video games (Chrono trigger!) etc, but the closer we get to the years about which we speak, the further away that actual 'Future' (cybernetics, hoverboards etc.) seems.

I was wondering what year the community considers 'the future.' I have to imagine it's a generational thing but for me, 2020 is fucking crazy, I don't think I've even considered living in the twenties until I made this post. If it's not the year, what technology would you consider defines 'the future?'

I'll be interested to read your answers and hope the poll wasn't over-filled with dates.

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Technically, it's never the future because we live in the present. Everything seems much more real when we've bulit up to it step by step (for example, huge-ass television sets to those that are unbelieveably thin). Unless something happens where we jump over a few of those steps along the way, I don't know if it will ever feel like that.

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20XX is the future, of course.

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I love this blog: http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/paleofuture/, and I'm looking forward to being my future self laughing at my present self's stupid visions of the future.

EDIT: I picked 20XX, because it reminded me of how they pulled off the "future" at the beginning of Earthbound.

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I think the answer entirely depends on what kind of sci-fi you like. This is my completely unfounded theory. Growing up, I was always interested in the kind of sci-fi that involved hacking future computers and the cyber-punk mind-melding with the computer stuff. Technology like this has seemed like it was on the horizon for a while. Everyone with their face constantly attached to an iPad definitely feels futuristic in this way.

However, if there was a big Star Trek fan, I feel like their idea of the future would be a deep space travel utopia, which is not very close at all.

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@wemibelec90: Totally, we haven't ever woken up one day and been able to install linux on our brains so it's not been like "this is the future!!!", but I think the more we integrate our lives with the tech, the closer we get to Deus Ex territory.

@Ubersmake: that's awesome, I love the idea of what people thought life would be like now from their perspective in the 50s and such.

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When you guys finally manage to make contact with my Kingdom.

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I liked that you had 2022 as an option. Ever since seeing the Japanese bid for the 2022 FIFA World Cup video, 2022 has been the defining year of "the future" for me. If you haven't seen it yet you should really check it out. Apparently Japan says they can accomplish AR lenses that pull up info about everything, Bluetooth looking automatic translators for your ears, holographic broadcasting of events, and holographic interactive A.I. personalities by the year 2022.

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@Video_Game_King said:

When you guys finally manage to make contact with my Kingdom.

mark my words, i will find you and end your evil reign with my prized copy of Carmageddon 64

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2084, surely. Evel Knievel would know.

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Fucking A, manned space flight to Jupiter and inter-dimensional travel that makes us go into the stage of evolution. THAT'S the future.

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I'm not sure killing Satan Claus, the very embodiment of evil, is an evil thing.

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@august said:


Fucking A, manned space flight to Jupiter and inter-dimensional travel that makes us go into the stage of evolution. THAT'S the future.

Yeah, pretty much this. I'm going to name my son Dave, just in case.

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We're living in the future now.

1. I'm talking to people across the world about any topic I want.

2. Can listen to nearly an unlimited amount of music streaming from the internet.

3. Have access to the complete history and knowledge of mankind at my fingertips.

All while watching Star Trek: The Original Series again streamed from the internet and even though they have a space ship, the tech they have doesn't even touch what I have in my room.

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So much innovation going on now, and technology continues to grow exponentially. I find it hard to believe we aren't already there, or at least close!

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2015 is the only answer to this question. THE ONLY ONE.

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It's never the future, because today always becomes the present.

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If you didn't think 2097 when you read this you're not cool.

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It clearly says 'the Future' in the thread title. I believe you're looking for the regular old future.

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in 2020. it depends on where you live. if you live in the east coast than your in the future for the people in the west coast. 
seriously, nobody knows when the future is. some things in the past have had flying cars in the year like 2000 but we're past that and there aren't any flying cars. i'm still waiting for a future right the jetsons.