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Hey guys! I have very little experience with alcohol, mainly because I've never found anything I've liked the taste of, So I figured what better way to get ideas for the liqueur store than by asking my favorite internet community:

What are some delicious drinks?!?

Everyone has different tastes so if it helps I do know this: I hate vodka, I don't mind Rum, and I sorta like scotch. But other than than i'm an alcohol virgin.

Edit: Thanks to those of you concerned with my safety, but I have a midterm tomorrow and for that reason I will not be getting "Shit Housed" so no worries, I just need suggestions because I know so little about the subject!

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Make sure you drink some water too, don't go too fucking crazy

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Try Bourbon and Ginger Ale, it tastes pretty good. But please don't go overboard.

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vodka and red bull. drink about 5 pints of the two mixed together and brace yourself for a fucking great evening.

just make sure you don't have work the next day as sleep might be a problem.

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In my opinion all alcohol tastes pretty disgusting so I don't know about delicious drinks.

I've been drinking for 2 and a half years now (since I was 18 and legal) and if I'm going out I just stick to Vodka with a mixer of whatever can mask the taste best (usually Orange Juice or Coke). If I'm casually drinking I stick to Cider, I cannot stand beer!

Make sure you drink some water too

Cannot stress this enough, a pint or two of water before you go to bed will usually stop you getting a hangover.

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Happy birthday, have a good time but show some restraint. You have the rest of your life to destroy your liver. Try an old fashioned, a very good scotch or brandy based cocktail. You also can't go wrong with beer in the summer.

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Viking blood, a mead made of honey and cherry juice.

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A good ale, black or white Russian, rye and dry. Basically what I drink.

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Happy Birthday man, and have a blast. When you get drunk blame it on the alcohol.

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I'm a vodka man myself. You should know that not all vodka tastes the same. In competition Grey Goose always rates number one in best tasting and Iceberg Vodka always takes second.

I'm also partial to Irish coffee. With proper portions of creame and sugar it's a good drink to have after a formal dinner, since its creamy and sweet like a desert.

I know a few people who don't like most alcohol but do enjoy strawberry wine.

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Be careful about mixing different drinks, specifically hard alcohol and beer; and drink a decent amount of water. To stave off a hangover don't get too dehydrated.

Check out Stolichnaya (Stoli) for Russian vodka, and Carolans for an Irish cream.

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Just buy a bottle of the cheapest liquor you can find than drink it as fast as possible. Than you can feel like shit and swear off drinking forever but at least get a decent story.

If you don't like drinking why start? If you don't know what you like by the time you're legal, don't bother starting. You're not missing out on much.

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Tequila Sunrise and Sex on the Beach; both very delicious and easy to make cocktails. Long Island Iced Tea is my favourite but a few too many and I'm flying.

p.s. Happy Birthday!

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Never not Jamesons!

Also try some wine, if you have a proper liquor store near you, and not some convenience store, ask the someone working there what the best wines for your price range are ($10-$20 is a good low price for wine). Also try some microbrews, get the whole range from lager to ale to stout and see what levels of darkness you like best in beer! Explore for yourself, and see what you prefer, its fun and you get to learn your preferences!

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Chocolate Cake Shots. I forget how to make them, but you need a lemon. You gotta hold the shot in your mouth and then bite the lemon.

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Absinth. Enjoy your new scars.

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You said you don't like vodka but you gotta try a white Russian. Vodka+ Kahlua+ Milk (or cream if you want but I've never had it like that). Sounds nasty but it's delicious.

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Sunkist and Captain Morgan

Jameson, Baileys, Guiness = Irish Car Bomb

Orange Juice and 40's, make you some brass monkeys

Hard Cider (Woodchuck is pretty good)

Beer? Get you some Hobgoblin, Breckenridge Oatmeal Stout, or (my favorite for the summer) UFO White

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I suggest trying out different spirits and seeing what you enjoy most. Every person has a different palate for different alcohols. I hate rum and beer, while most people I know enjoy rum and beer. I am a whiskey person myself, but I find that scotch or bourbon tastes like burning ass.

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I'd take a beer if it is your first time out. If you do drink hard alcohol; make sure you drink liquor before beer (Beer before liquor: never been sicker. Liquor before beer: you're in the clear.)

As for the hard alcohol, try a Whiskey Ginger (ale). I like Jameson Whiskey. Goes down smooth. Don't have to order 3 of them for a buzz.

Drink plenty of water before, during, and after. Being dehydrated causes your hangover.

Good luck.

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The most delicious drink of all: Responsibility.

1 part restraint

2 parts no liver damage

Garnish with no weird drunk encounters

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SoCo and Lime is pretty good.

I always get Irish Carbombs on Birthdays.....

Also try mixing some Fireball whiskey and Angry Orchard...

I'm going to go against the grain and say go overboard, you only turn 21 once. Just go overboard responsibly. Make sure you have a way home that's not drunk.

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Happy birthday

Friends don't let friends drink

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Just drink what everyone else is drinking... that's kinda what I did until I ended up with drinks I preferred.

Anyway, ignore all this responsible advice. You're 21, go out and get in trouble, do something dumb. As long as it's not driving.

Also it's always these threads that break out the teetotalers among us... I get not drinking, I just don't get flaunting it or trying to convert others to some weird cause. Reminds me of the vegetarian holier-than-thou attitude or something.

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@bell_end said:

vodka and red bull. drink about 5 pints of the two mixed together and brace yourself for a fucking great evening.

just make sure you don't have work the next day as sleep might be a problem.

Vodski Redbull all the way. If you hate vodka but want to get smashed, a nice concoction is vodka + lemonade, then add a little diluting juice. It can be tricky to get it right but when you master it, you won't even taste the vodka. Also another drink I really like but don't often have due to it being a bit more pricey is sloe gin, it's the purple one not the normal gin. Glass of that with some lemonade = good stuff.

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Drink some Eagle Rare bourbon in honor of the late Ryan Davis! And only one ice cube!

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If you can handle looking like a douchebag, go for a white russian - it tastes like melted ice cream.

I personally like whiskey, and my go-to cocktail is scotch and soda.

Just remember to take it easy - you don't want to get alcohol poisoning.

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@justinnotjason: Fireball and Angry Orchard. Genius. Trying this immediately.

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Jameson's nice and easy.

Glenfiddich 15 has a beautiful sweet side.

Laphroaig will punch your jaw with Scottish dirt (so good).

And, yeah, drink plenty of water.

Take it neat. If you don't like something, don't drink it. If you're drinking for the feeling you're just wasting all the years it worked gaining that complexity. Drinking neat allows you to catch the initial roll an ice cube would mute, and it forces you to slow down.

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@justinnotjason: Fireball and Angry Orchard. Genius. Trying this immediately.

It's pretty good.
If you can find a place that sells kind of obscure beer, mix Kasteel Rouge and a Chocolate stout (southern tier if you can find it.) Makes a very alcoholic chocolate cherry drink. So good.

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A beer.

Other than that.....

Tequila and Lemonade is awesome.
Pimms - this british drink - awesome with lemonade.
Long Island Ice Tea - make that bitch strong.

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A beer. Seriously, you can't go that wrong with that. Something simple, like a Yuengling Lager. I didn't really enjoy my first beer that much since I wasn't used to the taste, but the alcohol wasn't too strong and it wasn't too bitter. Since then I've found that if you go for good beer you can really appreciate the good taste in it, and not get wasted. Though there's times for that too.

For first liquor, I'd go with a Jameson. It's very, very smooth whiskey, and has a good taste. Though my first shot of it ended with me coughing a bit and not caring for it much. However, I would still start drinking with beer, or even wine; I think hard liquor is harder to get used to.

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a glass of wine

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Happy birthday duder. Take it easy.

Assuming it's summer where you live, try a daiquiri or a margarita. If it has a song, it's probably a good drink.

@cabrit_sans_cor said:

If you can handle looking like a douchebag, go for a white russian - it tastes like melted ice cream.

The douche abides.

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I was underway in the Navy on my 21st birthday. But there again, I could drink beers in America at 18 when I turned that age. Drink a good beer. They're good. Have fun with friends or a date. Get laid and all that jazz.

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Straight Bourbon - but I've lived in Ky all my life so that may be a bit biased. At a bar though I always go with rum and coke because it's cheaper and good

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Drink a (post ban) Four Loko (12% of course) and see where the night takes you (bad places).

Its like two dollars! What's the worst that could happen?

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@patman99 said:

The most delicious drink of all: Responsibility.

1 part restraint

2 parts no liver damage

Garnish with no weird drunk encounters

I'm sure you're the life of parties.

And I dunno, man! I drink somewhat often and I'm not quite of legal age to be doing so. I don't mind straight-up vodka, but apparently you don't like it so.....I'm not sure. I'm sure there are far more knowledgeable people here who actually have options as opposed to myself who only drinks whatever is available at the social event I'm attending.

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If you want to try gin and tonics Plymouth is a good place to start, even better if you can get it with fever tree or another decent tonic. If you're drinking rum and cokes make sure it's dark rum, it's miles better. Maybe it's just because dark rums are the standard here, but I can't understand the fascination with bacardi and other white rums.

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Go to your local liquor store. Pick up two Steel Reserve 40's. See where the night takes you.

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I'm gonna say Jim Beam Devils Cut. Served Neat.

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The most expensive Champagne in the god damn liquor store, a top hat and a cane. The only way to drink as far as I'm concerned.

Like many others said, drink responsibly and also have some water with it. It'll do you a ton of good especially since you're not used to drinking.

I know some people that don't drink but still tend to like Kiss on the Lips and, as suggested earlier, Sex on the Beach. And if you can get your hands on it, there's always Dooley's from Germany. It's basically liquid candy with vodka in it, so it's not for everyone. Got one of my friends into drinking though.

Also 'Murican beers seem to be basically tapwater (sorry gaise) so I don't know about those.

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For a birthday party, let's see, screw the taste and go for strong stuff.
Time to get drunk and party, not sit around being all "I say, this drink is absolutely delightfull, ah ha ha ha. Chums" nobody want's to be one of those people at a party

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Absanthe and coke is a personal favorite of mine, I'll also suggest madori and lemonade

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Thanks for all the suggestions guys!

I ended up getting a case of Sam Adams and a bottle of Maker's Mark, which I shall be enjoying tonight!

But you all suggested a bunch of stuff i'd never heard of, so thanks guys! i'm gonna try em all out! (responsibly)

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Wine coolers. Have a girls' night out!

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My favorite girly drinks -meaning they don't taste like they contain alcohol- are sangria and piña coladas. :)

As for general go-to, I prefer strong beer. Usually lagers but i'm flexible on that. A "strong" beer tends to be anywhere from 7% to around 9% or thereabouts. Whatever is made locally in your region is usually a safe bet. Try to stay away from the mass production stuff unless the goal is cheap marginally drinkable pisswater.