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I did this last Friday, but I limited it to just Friday and that was stupid. The weekend is three days so lets celebrate that instead of just one!

Pretty sure we all know what were doing right now and for the rest of the night... I got Minecraft & you folks up on one monitor, BLLSL3 on the other. A freshly poured beer to my right and chips to my left.

Looking to wrap up Sleeping Dogs on Saturday, maybe crack into some more Darksiders II. I want to wrap up at least one of those games before the downfall comes (Borderlands 2 on Tuesday, Dishonored/XCom soon after, ACIII after that) and so on. Sunday starts the Jewish holidays which means I'll put in some time with Chrono Trigger on the DS while chilling at my aunt's house with the family and eating a ton of good food.

How about you guys? What are your weekend plans?

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Work and play more Tekken. That's my plan.

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Organize and participate in our Persona 4 Arena tournament and play StarCraft II. Probably some school stuff too.

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With the Big Live Live officially over, my weekend has turned a bit less exciting. Time for some sleepy dogs.

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this weekend: Volleyball today, soccer tomorrow, build a water proppeled rocket out of 2L soda bottles and cardboard for physics, do a bunch of HW, and hopefully get some game time in.

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Rum drinks until the sun goes down then cigars and whiskys until the sun comes up.

Maybe some vidyja gaems in between.

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@Ravenlight: I like the sound of that.

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Work 12 hour shifts all weekend and possibly finish fable 3 if I get a chance to.

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Switching ISP's tomorrow for double the internet speed, then using that to start a download on every Steam game in my library.

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Probably test out the new splitscreen mod for minecraft that should come out today or tomorrow.

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Finally picked up Saints Row 3. Looking forward to some ridiculous antics and fun. Also trying to finish NSMario Brothers on the Wii. I'm a bit behind the power curve.

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Holy shit what a way to kick off the weekend. Big Live Live Show finishes with a bang. #TEAMBRAD

@ciscoidiot: SR3 is amazing, enjoy it to it's fullest!

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after BLLSL went and got something to eat came back just in time to see stream was still upo and brad was still playing. Only took him about ten minutes from what I saw. Go work brad thanks for holding off till I got back. Not sure what to do with the rest of my weekend now though.

I'm going drink some wine and see what comes up.

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Pool part tonight!

Like the 90's and shit.

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I'm about to go and get drunk and watch all of firefly and probably cry. With other people obviously.