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Alright heres the story, so my friend thought it would be great if he had bought a prepaid credit card to purchase pron. Then comes back to my house and chooses to use my email adress so he doesnt get all of these things sent to him. Next thing you know i get an email saying they have closed the account and the credit card and are saying im being charged with Creditcard fraud and Idenity theft and am being over charged for 11.34$. They said they have sent my ip adress the the federal law or something and saying i need to send a check in for that much. What do I do when im in this situation? I need serious answers, please and thanks.

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Wait, so are you saying your friend stole that card? If not, then just tell them it was his and he gave you permission to use it.

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No no, he didnt steal it, he had purchased it from the 7 11 (the cornerstore) so what would i do then in the situation where we didnt do anyhting wrong?

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Why are you using GB for legal advice? Get off the computer and call a lawyer.

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No more porn for you

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Umm, here goes.

The porn company can't "charge you" with any crimes; the only thing they could do is (i) sue you, or (ii) report you to a credit agency for unpaid bills.  If you only used a pre-paid credit card, I don't understand how you could commit 'fraud.'  Either you paid them for their services or you didn't. 

First is the obvious question, did you pay them what you were supposed to?  If you have already paid them, then it sounds like they are extorting you, or they simply are not showing the payment in their system and they always use hard-ball tactics to scare people into paying.  If I were you, I would (i) check to see if they were actually paid, and if so (ii) call the Better Business Bureau and explain the situation; they will tell you how to proceed. 

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Put all blame on your friend, its his fault afterall.

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Sounds a little fishy my friend.  First of all you cant be charged with fraud on a pre-paid card as they have to be paid for up front and cant be used unless activated.  Second why would your friend use your email address?  Why would you let him since you say it opens you up to spam?

You are leaving some things out and you probably shouldnt be posting about it here because it just could be used as evidence against you.  If i were a lawyer and I read that post I would assume you are guilty and looking for legal advice under the guise of "your friend".

Besides there is no possible way to get charged with identity theft on a pre-paid card as they have no identity associated with them.  They are like universal gift cards.

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btw how old are you guys <_<

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This is what happened, he bought a 25 dollar card, and it said in my junk that it was sucsessfully paid for like 1.99 or something, then they send me an email saying i have to pay for 11 dollars and something? Who should  I contact to get this dealt with? maybe he spent the card on something else before this? I have no clue

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Don't make us involve in you problems.

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Obvious scam is obvious.

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legend_cloud said:
"Don't make us involve in you problems.
then this wouldn't be a true OT
needs more girl help threads, I find those entertaining.
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sponge3164 said:
"legend_cloud said:
"Don't make us involve in you problems.
then this wouldn't be a true OT
needs more girl help threads, I find those entertaining.
Let's face it, if you're on an internet gaming forum, needing help with girls is implied.
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