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Goddammit, Luigi.

and RIP

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@kevin_cogneto said:

@thesoutherndandy said:

@tycobb: every time a thread like this happens a few people feel the need to make this point again. There's nothing to get. People like actors and have an affinity for them because of certain performances. It's a bummer to hear that someone you like has died. Nobody's saying THIS IS THE WORST AND ONLY BAD THING THAT IS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW

But you have to admit, some people have some very unhealthy emotional ties to people that they don't even know...

Some people do for sure, but nobody in the thread is going overboard or acting crazy so I don't really see the need for that point to be made every time there's a celebrity death thread.

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One more fuck you for the road from 2013. You son of a bitch.

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RIP Uncle Phil! :( Thanks for the childhood memories!

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sigh, I love everything about James Avery, he's one of the best voice actor in the business. Especially SHREDDER in the original TMNT