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I usually hate music in his genre but I listened to him today and I'm pretty into his music. Is anyone digging his music or am I just bad at music?

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He's talented and creative at singing, and composing. He's just ok at playing the guitar.
His lyrics suck. Just...not good.  Don't ever look them up or try to hear what he's saying.
Fun to listen though. I like his music.

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It seems he jumps on bandwagons. When John Mayer was big, he sounded just like John Mayer. Now he's  trying to sound like Jack Johnson. If he could just make his own music he would be alright

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He wears a hat that is all I know of him.

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He's horrible.  
Seriously, dude can't really write songs. 
He ruined the Fedora.

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I don't listen to his music, but it doesn't bother me.  'Details in the Fabric' is a pretty good song.  He definitely did ruin the fedora though.

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@birdflu777: eh duder i am the same way as you i like stuff like after the burial, but i also loves minus the bear, incubus, and white stripes. lol
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Don't mind him. Not a fan of him though.
 I don't really listen to male vocals. I'm more into female vocals.

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If you like Jason Mraz but want something that has more meaning than getting into a girls panties then you should check out a singer/songwriter from Ireland called Damien Rice. He is quite talented and I would compare him (purely based on musical comparison) to Jason Mraz.
I'm just sick of hearing I'm Yours being preformed by douches.

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@organicalistic_ said:
" @birdflu777: eh duder i am the same way as you i like stuff like after the burial, but i also loves minus the bear, incubus, and white stripes. lol "
I love minus the bear. Knights is such an awesome track. 
I also have great appreciation for early Mraz ie 'waiting for my rocket to come.' that was a fun album. He's awesome love too. 
If you could mix Mayer's playing and song writing with Mraz's style...that would be an great artist.
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@lilburtonboy7489 said:
" sucks "
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dude jason mraz is for chicks.

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cant say i hate him, hes good at scatting.

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Kids today..pshhh 
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@Jazz said:
" @Ahmad_Metallic:  Kids today..pshhh  now  GET OFF MY DAMN LAWN  :) "
Actually thats a swedish progressive death metal formed in 1990. 
 They are responsible for making brutal progression mainstream, and mixing death metal with melodic elements and jazz elements. Their frontman is hailed as a highly influential pioneer in his genre.. 
The kids you're thinking of are all about the new bands that dont do shit. YOU get off my lawn ;)
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Thought this was about the heavy rain character :S

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Only heard the single 'Im Yours', was alright.

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Man that song is so fucking good.
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just a word of advice: don't ever start a music-related thread on the GB forums.  there are way too many douches around here who hate your music because it's not like their music.

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I'm a metalhead, but this is just amazing.