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Jeff was wearing the jordan retro 4's mars blackmon edition i believe ....they're limited and kiiiiiiiindaaaa rare. not really. you can find them on ebay for like 160-180 now a days since they came out a while ago. they are so sexy, made me want to buy a pair when i saw them. is jeff a jordanhead? i wonder. i personally have the two of the retro 5's ( one limited one not), aqua 8's, spizikes cement . thats it just got into the shoegame. post what jays you have!

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I just got into shoeplay, pretty hardcore into it but I doubt it's the same thing you're talking about.

I really only care that the shoes are sockless and tiny.


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Meh, i don't really care much for shoes. They don't change the person wearing them. I have known people that take it way too seriously though.

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I don't take it too seriously....maybe. Like if im wearing something as nice as Jordan 4's...i always subconsciously make sure to stay on concrete....and i have a 6th sense about spills around my feet. lol yeaaaahh.

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I have a colleague of mine who is literally obsessed about shoes... It's pretty crazy...

I myself don't care much for them at all, as long as it's something comfortable, I'll wear it.

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I only have two pairs of athletic shoes.

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Isnt shoe fetish a chick thing?

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I'm not too crazy about shoes, but I'm going to get some fresh kicks sometime... I'm thinking skate shoes just for lulz, because a ton of people I know wear them and they definitely don't skate.

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I have a pair of nike shox, they cost me 60 bucks and look good
Thats the farthest i go with shoes lol
I dont really see the big deal, u should use that time chopping off heads in Age Of Conan =P

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The only pair of shoes I have are Vans, they're comfortable and last me a few years, so I enjoy them :P

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...........all I notice about shoes is, if there dirty or clean

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Shoes say a lot about a person, it's good to invest in quality as well as fashionable shoes if you're looking to move to the next tier. No scrubs yo.

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These are the ones I've got

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i wear shoes

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shoes are for losers with weak childlike feet of softness and unresiliency.

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Extreme thread necromancy at play here...

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How the hell did this one float to the top? I forgot how...interesting GB's history is.

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