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Wow this blog-entry page is nice!

Last month I said I've got this big idea for a multiplayer game where you fly jets around and hijack each-other. Well now I've got a prototype and it's super exciting! I've got 4 classes, you can shoot, eject, hijack enemies, crash into walls drop mines, shoot missiles, it's great. I don't wanna post the actual prototype because the network code is really jerky and glitches out a lot, I think you guys would find it underwhelming and not see the good side. Here's a video I recorded in Week 1 though:

Right now I have a medic who drops proximity mines: he can repair other jets by piggy-backing on them, or hack the enemy's mines over to your side.

A kamikaze pilot who launches his jet around as a projectile, and has a jetpack so he can eject out and strafe around.

A heavy who launches rockets that you can hijack and ride, and steer around-- and 2 more classes that are also weird and exciting. Subject to change though, this is all early days... oh and you can capture a Heavy Jet even if you're not a Heavy- it's a big feature incase that's not apparent.

What do you guys think of these game modes?

The main one I'm not sure about is Rations. I feel like it encourages people to not leave their vechicles which is the whole point, fly back to base a lot which is boring, and get annoyed at their team-mates whenever they die, which sucks for everyone.

I'll try to organize a beta or something in march, cos I want this playtested as much as possible, but the company is still just me n Alex right now so it's pretty impossible to actually see how well it plays. Also I'm waiting to meet someone much better at coding a multiplayer game than me- it's kind of a miracle of modern development tools that some self-taught jackass like me even has a lobby set up at all. I have loads of other stuff to talk about, but I know people hate long walls of text, so I guess I'll just stick to this game.

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OH-- nuts, I guess I already posted that video once... I'll find you guys something else.

Possible aesthetic themes so far have been Pirates, Space Race or dinosaur-themed mechs. I was against the last one, and feel only halfway confident about the first one. Still completely up in the air though; I've bin told to hold off on artwork until people like the game, but I really don't wanna leave it til the last minute and rush in something uninspired, so I'm jotting down ideas whenever I can.