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June is supposed to be the real start of the blockbuster season. When movies get even bigger and box office busts get even uglier. This year doesn't really have that bite previous years have had. Last year saw Monsters University, Man of Steel, and This is the End all come out during June. This year however is a bit light on the heft. Maybe sequels just don't carry the weight they once did or the complete absence of any comic book film (which is actually a little crazy).

Edge of Tomorrow - June 6th:

How many things can Tom Cruise run from?

Tom Cruise is still trying to be the action hero he really seems to think he is. Luckily for him Edge of Tomorrow may actually be worth a ticket. Cross Groundhog Day with futuristic WW2 where Cruise is a typical soldier who dies, relives the same day, dies, repeat. Along the way he is supposed to learn and figure out how to defeat a threat to all of Earth. Emily Blunt plays along side Cruise as his teacher and war hero who will most likely turn into a love interest. Early reviews hold this to be a fun and interesting sci-fi movie and I've been hankering for one of these for awhile. And who can say no to anything that can be described as "like Groundhog Day"?

How to Train Your Dragon 2 - June 13th:

There was a time when Pixar ruled the world of computer animated feature length films. You could probably argue they still do, but in 2010 How To Train Your Dragon proved DreamWorks could put out a quality CGI film. Now the sequel is coming out and I'm still wondering if they can mess it all up. Shrek practically imploded in quality once the sequels started coming out. I managed to never see the original so for me this film barely shows up on my movie radar. For some, especially families, this is a major release.

22 Jump Street - June 13th:

Look at the wacky adventures college brings!

I wouldn't have bet that 21 Jump Street would have done well enough to deserve a sequel. An R-rated comedy based on a late 80s TV show doesn't sound like a diamond in the rough to me. A $200 million box office however changes minds pretty quickly. Somehow it does seem this film has gone farther off the 'dumb' comedy deep end. The changes just seem to come from a sequel checklist. Before they were undercover in a high school, now they're in college. Same plot but probably with more explosions and action moments. And probably a last minute romance subplot that has little impact on the story line or characters.

I lament these movies because I think Channing Tatum has some comedy talents. With a better story these films could be akin to the Bad Boys films which also starred two comedians in an action film. But the Jump Street movies lean too hard into the comedy theme without ever truly allowing the action and story grow.

Transformers: Age of Extinction - June 27th:

While there are other, smaller, and more interesting releases in June, its all leading up to Transformers. After the third film enough drama had built up around the films (lack of quality, actor complaints, racism, or sexism take your pick) that a somewhat reboot was in order. Gone is Shia and in comes Mark Wahlberg. I'm hoping, but not expecting, the new actors and Dinobots bring new life this series only had a spark of when it started. But with Michael Bay still at the helm, the same producers, and even the same writer as previous films expect explosions, terrible characters, terrible acting, and a terrible film.

How great could Dinobots be on film though? The T-Rex spit fire!

If I missed any movies you're looking forward to feel free to add them in the comments. And feel free to follow me on twitter!

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I'm interested in Edge of Tomorrow. When I first saw trailers for it ages ago I was really intrigued. Whatever people want to say about Tom Cruise and his private life, I think he's a real good actor and have enjoyed a large majority of the movies he's in. I was so intrigued by the idea that when I found out the movie is based on a fairly unknown Japanese novel I quickly searched it out and read it. The book wasn't some pulitzer winning material but now I'm more curious how they adapted the story to the big screen. I can already tell they leaned heavier on the romantic factor which was almost not even present in the novel.

21 Jump Street was a big surprise for me as I came into it thinking it's just another horrible movie with some dumb laughs. Color me surprised when it turned out to be genuinely funny with some really good performances from Hill and Tatum. I do think they're really going for broke in terms of stupidity in the sequel, but who knows maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised once more.

Can't say I ever really got into the new Transformers. All your typical Michael Bay jokes aside for me it boiled down to just not liking the robot designs. When they transform from vehicles to robots you can hardly recognize what they were. Too many moving little parts everywhere. On top of that the action fights had such aggressive cutting and shaking that I could almost never make out what was really happening. Wahlberg might lend this some slightly more credible acting chops than we've seen in the past but seeing Optimus riding on Grimlock brandishing a huge sword doesn't fill me with confidence. Fans of the movies will probably get what they want while detractors have nothing new to look forward to.

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Definitely most excited for 22 Jump Street, I loved the first one.

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Isn't Edge of Tomorrow based off of All You Need Is Kill, a Japanese novel?

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@viciousbearmauling: @humanity: I didn't know it was based on anything. At least even lesser known ideas and stories can get their shot at making Hollywood money and not just Philip K. Dick short stories.

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I'm looking forward to the Fault in our Stars. I like Shailene Woodley as an actress and I heard some great things about the book. I hope this movie turns out well.

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@viciousbearmauling: @humanity: I didn't know it was based on anything. At least even lesser known ideas and stories can get their shot at making Hollywood money and not just Philip K. Dick short stories.

Well the book almost reads like a comic book transcribed to novel form. Definitely very light reading but they explore some interesting concepts regarding the entire premise of Tom Cruise reliving the same day over and over. Of course thats the book, so maybe they'll change how all that actually works in the movie since it was kind of convoluted.

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@viciousbearmauling said:

Isn't Edge of Tomorrow based off of All You Need Is Kill, a Japanese novel?

Yes it is. In fact, they were going to keep the same name for the film, but it was changed only a few months back. It's a shame, because "All You Need is Kill" is way more interesting than the generic-sounding one they came up with. I am really looking forward to seeing it, though. That and 22 Jump Street have my interest.

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Can't wait to see Edge of Tomorrow and 22 Jump Street I've finally learned to NOT see Transformers films.

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I am actually pretty interested in seeing the new Transformers. But I am actually more interested to see how much of a shit show it probably turns out to be...

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Man transformers looks awful, Wahlburg isn't even excited to promote it, the few TV spots I've seen him do, lack of personality or any form of enthusiasm. But that might be him in general, I don't know.

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Waiting two months before I even bother going to theatres. Can't wait for Guardians.

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Transformers: Age of Extinction - if it has Dino Bot, the one from Beast Wars, I'll check it out.

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After I watch Days of the future past, 22 Jump street will be the only movie I'm interested this month. had a blast with the first one.

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@turboman said:

Waiting two months before I even bother going to theatres. Can't wait for Guardians.

Yeah, this is the film I'm waiting for as well.

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None of those interest me. Seems like it's going to be another one of those summers.

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Edge of Tomorrow looks pretty good!