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If a stranger fell from a great height onto someone's backyard and started bleeding to death, the person who lives there isn't legally obligated to give help or call for assistance, right? Oh, and said house is in California.

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They aren't obligated to help, but they might be breaking the law by not calling the authorities if other corroborated testimony can prove negligence.

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you are legally required to call 911. that is all.

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aw nuts

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eat the stash, quick!

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Is there a hypothetical update to the hypothetical scenario that prompted this hypothetical question?

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@Hailinel: Bout to say... The way this topic was treated by the TP suggests this is by no means, hypothetical.

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I believe that's correct.

A charge of criminal negligence might be attempted, but probably wouldn't stick as the victim in question was never in the homeowner's care.

But obviously the homeowner is morally obligated to help, regardless.

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@SeriouslyNow said:

eat the stash, quick!

i'll hotwire that chevy you make sure he doesn't choke on that shit

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The stash isn't the problem, what will he do with the people in his basement?

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@TheDudeOfGaming said:

The stash isn't the problem, what will he do with the people in his basement?

You lock that door to the basement and pray to God nobody sees or suspects a goddamn thing.

As for the question, I believe you could be charged with negligence, but if the person dies........who's to know he or she (of whom, fell from the sky) was ever even there?

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What a dick. XD