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And boy is my mind blown. Lightsabers, Snitches and Doom Bots...oh my. I think this is the first book in the series where I have to instantly pick up the next book and keep reading. I've enjoyed all the other books but the crazy was the end of Wolves was amazing. Imagine picking up a book about the worst experience of your life. Reading thoughts you've never shared with anyone. Really interested to see where this goes. Rolland has to find Stephen King at some point and talk to him right?? Much like Kilgore Trout talking to Vonnegut in some of his books.

I've been reading Stephen King books since middle school, I don't know why it took me so long to read the Dark Tower series. In a way I'm glad because I've read all the other books that get brought up. I love the random characters showing up and locations being revisited. What are some of your favorite books by King and did you enjoy the Dark Tower series??