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Been a yearly subscriber since Day 1, recently changed my card so I had to renew it manually.

The confirm page is still great. Guys, you should really subscribe, just to hear that *sound*.

(Plus it's good to hear from Ryan ;-)

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also, subscribe for this.

#3 Posted by Kr7stof (74 posts) -

I been lurking this site and forum a long time and so i subscribed for the first time a few months ago and plan on keep doing that;)

It is just so much fun to watch these guys.

Also, where else you gonne find someone who's gonne do that to his balls:)

Vinny, Vinny, Vinny;)

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Glad to hear it, I was worried there for a bit that you weren't going to reup your subscription. Now I can finally get a decent nights sleep.

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I really need to get a sub. Maybe December as i will have some spare money.