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Giant Bomb: Missed Connections

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@zero_ said:

The current hoodies are really really good. They're super, super thick and are of great quality. But yeah, I would have much rather a zipper hoodie version.

They just have a GIANT LOGO ON THEM - which you know, look I wanna help these guys out, I wanna support them - but I'm in my 30's with a job, maybe I'm just too insecure but that mammoth gaudy logo ain't for me. Fingers crossed the twitter responses lead to a more subtle item of clothing for their older audience. (I'd like a GiantBomb Fedora!)

I would totally NOT like a GiantBomb Fedora!

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I'm in Chicago and planned on being this guy but some dirtbag from FedEx apparently left my package in the street for anyone to have. So....fair warning...if I see you on the north side in a GiantBomb sweatshirt, duck.

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Yo dawg, do you like the internet??

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I certainly do.

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My tall and hunky build cannot support these garments, however if you see a girl in the quaint little town of Bergen in Norway wearing a GB tee or hoodie, that'll be my wife. The massive viking next to her grunting and sipping coke zero while pretending to enjoy window shopping would be me.