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Whilst going through the backlog of Giant Bomb content, slowly trying to catch-up, I decided to finally get a premium membership - having reached the Whiskey Media Happy Hour videos. (also I really wanted to watch Spookin' with Scoops)

So now that I'm subscribed, what standout videos should I immediately go watch? Some of the stuff they do on the Unprofessional Fridays looks crazy, so I'm eager to check that out, but otherwise I'm open to it all.

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All of it.

Except The Daily Dota.

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Random PC Game is my personal favourite. Unprofessional Fridays are pretty good too.

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You know what? I think Spookin' with Scoops is actually my favourite, but only when it's live. Otherwise it's Unprofessional Fridays.

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Whiskey Media Happy Hour (and by extension the Big Live Live Show Lives), Random PC Game and Unprofessional Fridays.

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Random PC Game and Drew's travel log are my favorites.

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All of it (INCLUDING Daily DotA)

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1. Buy a case of beer

2. kick your feet, relax

3. watch the Phantasmagoria videos.

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The Breaking Brad series, especially the CoD ones. And the ones where Vinnie fixes the Joust machine and makes cables for the Whiskey Media office.

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Just Daily Dota.

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Soon to be Giantbomb Unplugged, I'm hoping.

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Breaking Brad and Unprofessional Fridays. I don't care to go back and watch older videos though so I have missed a bunch of stuff.

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@pr1mus said:

All of it.

Except The Daily Dota.

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Just watch something with Vinny in it and I'm sure you'll be cool.

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@pr1mus said:

All of it.

Except The Daily Dota.

This. (Especially Random PC Games)

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I would recommend the Happy Hours, some of those were just amazing video content and its the birth of Cool Baby! Then theres the TNT's, one of my favourites is the Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts revisited TNT. Then there is the SNES party thing that was loads of fun, I remember watching it live too.

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Blade Runner and Phantasmagoria

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The Dead Island, Fortune Street and You Don't Know Jack TNT's also probably shouldn't be missed.

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The Fortune Street TNT is not to be missed. Just remember that Slime is a complete dick, and Bowser Jr is too nice for his own good.

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Absolute best thing IMO is Drew's North Korea trip. Other than that, I really enjoyed watching Dave play Dwarf Fortress, and watching the breaking brad's for Spelunky and DMC.

Bioforge was awesome. There have been some great unprofessional fridays. The Skyrim Marathon Pre-Show where Dave and Ryan/Alexis play four hours of Morrowind and then 2-ish hours of Oblivion to send off Greg Kasavin's Skyrim marathon was pretty cool.

Recently, there was Vinny picking back up his Dark Souls save. More of that needs to happen. They should force him to beat the rest of the game. He's not that far away and he has a really good weapon. Just need to got get Havel's set for tons of poise and most bosses shouldn't be too hard.

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The live porn shows. Most of them are Furry I like the yoshi suit.

There is a reason they know where that fake film set was. they are in a secret part of the site and only during some parts of the year./

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Nothing's really that good to be honest except Daily Dota.

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  • There are some where Vinny rebuilds his Joust machine.
  • In a simmilar vein, Cable Alchemy
  • The best regular premium feature is Jar Time
  • Dave's radio show
  • Behind the scenes for E3 2012 and GotY 2011
  • Fortune Street TNT
  • Drew's North Korea trip