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What is everyone's thoughts on this Harlem Shake craze going on all over the world?

I for one think it's entertaining but now after seeing 10 videos of it, it's already annoying. On secondhand though, the song is really catchy and stuck in my head.

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It's just some silly fun, no big deal

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I'm good with it.

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I have never seen it. It sounds like something I should continue to avoid.

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The what?

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Saw one video, although I don't actively hate it, I am however confused why it's so popular.

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The Sea World in my city made one with a walrus doing sit-ups. How can I complain?

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I like it, it's just simple fun watching everyone doing random dumb stuff.

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I have never seen it. It sounds like something I should continue to avoid.

@pr1mus said:

The what?

Pretty much both of these. It sounds like Gangnam Style, also something that I thought was entertaining for one view and then it came on the fucking Today show.

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@pr1mus: Look it up on YouTube.

At everyone else: I agree it's entertaining. I also don't know how or why it got popular

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@49th said:

I like it, it's just simple fun watching everyone doing random dumb stuff.

That's basically Unprofessional Friday.

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It's another shitty meme that will fade in another week or two.

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Ok yeah someone linked me the Norwegian army one a couple days ago. I just didn't know that was a thing now.

Prediction, it will be big for 2 months and fade away completely before the summer.

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It is fine in small doses and there are people doing unique stuff, there is also a lot of people just jumping on it to get views

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Haven't seen it.

Also really really like your username.

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Good shit.

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For those who don't like it haha.

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the original track is a straight banger on a sick label but I don't care for the meme it spawned

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Dumb trend that no one will remember in a month's time.

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I've been avoiding it. I don't want to know.

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Dumb trend that no one will remember in a month's time.

I don't like it, but I'll make sure to remember it forever just to prove you wrong.

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I have seen about 10 of them and I still get a good chuckle out of them, though If it goes on much longer I can see a problem forming.

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It's pretty dumb but at least it'll be gone soon.

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I don't get it.

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I think it's pretty amazing. ... Mostly because I want to animate one. It would the best thing ever but by the time I'd be done with the animation, everyone would be sick of it. :(

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It's simple fun, like most internet memes. I also don't understand it after looking it up.

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Its a fad and will pass.

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I don't think about it.

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It's not any better or worse than all these other dumb dance crazes.

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I like the song but was confused when it turned into a meme.

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This is the first I've heard of it...

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Even Baauer wants to blow his face. I'm going to put my head next to his so that we can just get it over with.

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The song, the 30 second clip of it at least, is quite catchy. I do enjoy the juxtaposition of the subdued intro and the total bedlam of the post-drop world, but I believe the fad is nearing its peak, if it hasn't already passed it.

For instance,

Today my local TV station's morning news team tweeted a link to their own version, effectively killing the meme. Once you have 50 year-old weathermen doing something they perceive to be "hip" you can probably pack things up and head home, your fad is done.

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The first one I saw was worth a chuckle for the random-ass insert of a dude in his underwear grinding on another dude in a motorcycle helmet, but everything after that has been grating.

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I find it entertaining.

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When I found out that it wasn't even the "real Harlem Shake" I thought all the videos made of it where even dumber and anything but funny, seriously the real dance is actually kinda dumb and funny the ones in those 30 sec videos are just stupid with no charm.

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Its fine. Silly harmless fun.

There are worse things then people latching on to this idea- and some of the videos are legitimately funny. Kind of like a really wacky (wackier?) where's waldo sometimes.

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I like it. The original is still the best I think.

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I was done with it about 5 videos in.

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It's weird. I like the one Node made, because FreddieW is awesome.

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Can't say I'm a fan to be honest.

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Never seen any videos of it and not planning to.

So people got bored with the Gundam Gangnam style and moved on to this, is that what's going on?

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It's a meme. It exists for no reason than that it purely exists and manages to inexplicably entertain. Soon it'll be gone again. Circle of life, man.

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I actively ignore it.

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Vague thread title edited...we don't like that...but we do like that we can edit topic titles finally.

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I watched a compilation and was entertained, but don't think uttering the words "Harlem shake" or comparing something to a Harlem shake constantly is particularly funny.

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Just like anything involving Gangnam Style, I actively try to stay away from it.

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I watched one video, one, and I fucking hated it the second it started. It's not fun, it's not funny, it's just fucking stupid. And damn near every single person making a video on it is just trying to jump aboard the bandwagon and make some of that quick and easy YouTube money. That's the part that makes me hate it more. The ones that get creative with it, like SeaWorld, are fine. But the vast majority is just retarded.

Whoever started that shit should be shot.

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I enjoy the videos, the are pretty funny and some of them are really creative.