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I can't tell if this shit is staged anymore. I disliked everything about him anyways.

The original title said "prostitute" instead of "girl" so I dunno.

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Didn't bother watching, but at this point, I just want him to crash and burn.

He's an insufferable, petulant child who deserves all of the vitriol in the world for taking his success for granted. He's marginally talented and his ignorance is indicative of the problem with many young celebrities who aren't prepared for fame.

That, and he's just a dick.

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Keep us all updated. Can't wait to hear more about these exciting news.

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I just think this is an elaborate scheme to convince the world he is really not gay.

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I'm pretty sure this will be considered YouTube spam.


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This is the very definition of YouTube spam. Please review the rules before posting again.