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Hey guys! I'm just curious who here in the Giant Bomb community that lives in Kansas City is using Google Fiber.

I'm just looking to hear some first hand accounts of how it works, if people like it.

I'm pretty excited for it just from the concept of it, being high-speed internet for cheap... but I'd also like to know about the reliability, how often it goes down (if ever), if it's really as fast as they say it is, etc.

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It's not as cheap as you think.. there was some article about how the government had to buy into it basically and do contracts with Google about free office space and etc. Aka you'll be paying for it in taxes. Aka Smoke and Mirrors.

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I think I'd be fine with paying for internet in taxes... depending on how much the taxes actually increase, and the quality of the internet service.

Plus, I think once the government accepts the internet as a viable method of communication, and once everybody has the internet, just like everybody has a telephone... the sooner we can become a more advanced civilization.

And, for a $300 installation fee, and no monthly fee, I think pretty much everybody will get basic speed internet, and that seems pretty exciting to me.

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It's Google, and it's Gigabit internet, it is going to be as fast and reliable as you can imagine dude.

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i was so psyched when i heard about this a while back, i wonder how long it will take for this thing to steamroll through the nation