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I just recently moved to Missouri for a job and to be quite honest, I don't know the area very well and since I'm finally on my open I've been trying to...what's the word, reinvent myself? Trying to become more outgoing, meet new people and the like. So, what I would like to know is do any of you live in Kansas City, Missouri? It'd be awesome to meet some fellow duders (or dudettes if you prefer) who may know the area better than me.

Anyone out there? (Be awesome to have someone to discuss the google fiber with that's being installed in my neighborhood too!)

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Well sadly I moved out of Kansas City a few years ago so you can't kill me. :P

But seriously, KC is pretty cool.. What neighborhood you living in?

Here is the thread for the Kansas City fighting game community, if you like those games:


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It's pretty far away, but I really like the Columbia and Sedalia areas in Missouri. Fun towns. There used to be a great game shop in Columbia too, but I imagine there have to be some neat ones in KC too. And when you next pass by the KC airport, flip it the bird for me. I have a lot of memories of that place, and very few of them are good. But Independence seemed like a cool place (mind you, this was ten or twelve years ago), and you've got the Chiefs and Roayls to constantly jeer.

And dude, seriously, get yourself to all the BBQ joints you can find down there. I haven't encountered anything quite so good as Missouri BBQ. Man oh man.

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oh yeah, eat at oklahoma joes asap.