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I attended Katsucon XX, an anime and multicultural event, February 14-16 and captured a lot of footage. I wanted to make a small documentary-style highlights video.

It's my first video of this type, and it was fun to make. However, it was a lot more work then I had anticipated, and I wish I would have had more time to work on it. I had only about a day to finish the editing with a little spillover into the next day to add some music.

Hit the CC button if you would like captions.

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It's been nice learning Adobe programs like Premiere Pro in order to make these kinds of projects, and I plan to continue doing so in the future. Interviewing people is a lot of fun, and, as a new photojournalist, it's something I can always use more practice perfecting.

I hope I can go back next year and see Katsucon XXI now that I know how enjoyable it can be. I totally wasn't expecting to have that great of a time.

Besides this show, I have been to E3, which was a blast, and some car/boat/RV shows that I barely remember.

What about you? Have you ever attended a convention, and what did you think?

If you haven't, why not?

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Okay you won me over at the Bob Ross guy. :D

I don't do conventions. It is too loud and too many people.

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@herbiebug: This one was definitely both of those things, and I'm usually the same way as you. I was so focused on getting good footage for this project that those feelings pretty much went out the window.

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Great job with the video!

I wrote about my experience at Otakon 2013 here. I had a ton of fun there! I was really surprised on the quality of cosplay as well as the bubbling amount of enthusiasm the attendees had there. I'd love to attend Otakon again if I'm able.

I'd like to attend a video game convention soon. Hopefully.

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I'm an engineer and cosplay is dope! I admire the work and skill people put into something they love. I would love to build stuff like that.

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@infinitespark: As much as I would like to go to Otakon this August, I will already be in Hawaii, so that's probably not going to work out.

I would like to plan a trip to go back to Katsucon next year though. I should be in San Diego then and will probably get a bus ride to D.C. for the event, so I catch up on some handheld gaming and reading on the trip.

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@hellknightleon: I'm probably going to do it next time. The only thing that's keeping me from doing it for sure is that I think I might get too much attention and not be able to work!

People who cosplay well are constantly being asked to be in pictures or filmed, but I think for some people who enjoy cosplaying, that's part of the appeal.

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Nice job Duder!

This video makes me want to check out this con in 2015.

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Good video. I enjoyed it. My only nit-picky thing is I did not like that the interview audio only came out of the left channel and the music stayed in the right.

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@code3xbl: Yeah, the resort where it is is beautiful and enclosed in a lot of glass. It keeps it nice and warm in there.

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@tycobb: Thanks for the advice.

When I was putting the video together I was on a time constraint, so unfortunately I knew afterwards about the channels being left or right on certain audio. I couldn't figure out how to fix that in the time I had left, so it got uploaded how it was recorded. I'm pretty sure that fixing it is done with an option where I "fill" the opposite, silent channel with the sound from the audible channel, but I couldn't figure it out in time. I hope to have it sorted out by my next video.

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Needs more yoko

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Nice video!

Buuut...urgh, you've reminded me that I still haven't finished my video from EGX 2013. Which was my first ever convention/video game thing that I ever attended. Seeing your drive to get your thing done has stirred my soul into getting back to work on that bastard of a video thing.

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It's such a nice feeling when it's (disregarding the sound issues) over. It feels like work got done! ...and the most rewarding thing about it--for me--is that now I feel as though I can make a much better one next time due to all that I learned in this process.

There's a video game music concert coming up next weekend that I want to film. It will be a much shorter project, I hope, but still a good one.

In April, I'm going to another convention, but this one is on a much smaller scale. I will probably try to get video of that one as well.