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#51 Posted by TheHT (11682 posts) -

Whatever, if it isn't ground beef and sauce sauce sprinkled heavily with cheese I want NO PART in its consumption.

#52 Posted by ninjakiller (3405 posts) -

@Penzilneck: I now know your name and where you live due to your FB page and 3 seconds on google.

#53 Posted by Penzilneck (423 posts) -

@ninjakiller: Thanks for the sentiment.

#54 Posted by xXxLYNCHxXx (162 posts) -

Dear God No! Ketchup should not be allowed near food. Any food. Ever. Ever!

#55 Posted by Penzilneck (423 posts) -

@Vitor: Of course it's a joke, which I'm glad you got, as I assumed. I would only worry if someone actually took the discussion of a condiment seriously.

#56 Posted by Xerxes8933A (227 posts) -

If you have no prepared sauce for your pasts, the easiest alternative is pepper and melted butter. You can add parm or garlic if you wish, but everyone has pepper and butter in stock. Don't use Ketchup on pasta, ever.

#57 Posted by Leekanh (6 posts) -

Ukh! Here in Italy even suggesting to put ketchup in your pasta is a good way to get assaulted!

Obviously it really depends on the quality of the sauce, but even a mediocre tomato sauce (with basil, of course!) will win against ketchup. Well, ok, tastes are tastes on the other hand... But at least tomato sauce is way more healthy!

As suggested, pasta with butter and something else its a really good and really cheap alternative (the go-to meal if you feel too lazy to do anything that day :p).

#58 Posted by 71Ranchero (2796 posts) -

How could anyone ruin good Spaghetti like this =(

#59 Posted by ButtDiver (10 posts) -


#60 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

Ketchup and Spaghetti sounds disgusting.

#61 Posted by eroticfishcake (7787 posts) -

You fucking barbarian.

Ketchup is too tangy and sweet to be used a sauce for spaghetti. Just stick to bolognese (assuming you're making bolognese sauce that is) and add some tomato puree and/or canned tomatoes.

#62 Posted by jjnen (661 posts) -

I dislike ketchup in general. I would agree that with a fancy meal it kinda insults the chef who made the meal from blood and tears if you splash the plate full of ketchup. On the other hand I don't care what you do with your food and I would never start bitching to anyone about using ketchup (or "ruining" the food any other way).

#63 Posted by Gamer_152 (14100 posts) -

I don't get particularly angry at other people for eating food I wouldn't like, but I can understand how ketchup on spaghetti might get most peoples heckles up. I've put ketchup on pasta before, mainly out of curiosity, that wasn't pleasant.

#64 Posted by Redbullet685 (6068 posts) -

That sounds really horrible.

#65 Posted by NickL (2247 posts) -

I don't care what you do with your spaghetti but don't come anywhere near my spaghetti with ketchup...

#66 Posted by Gargantuan (1887 posts) -

WTF? I always use ketchup when I eat spaghetti.  Meatballs, spaghetti and ketchup is delicious.

 Viking food deluxe
#67 Posted by Winternet (8035 posts) -

Ketchup only makes better what is already not that good. Good spaghetti does not improve with ketchup.

#68 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8061 posts) -


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#70 Posted by McGhee (6094 posts) -

Ketchup is for french fries and french fries only. Anyone that says otherwise is a barbarian.

#71 Posted by Vodun (2370 posts) -

Don't give a shit what others think and eat what you like. Personally I find ketchup to be too spikey a flavour to use on pasta, but if it works for you...who gives an eff?

#72 Posted by Milkman (17200 posts) -

No joke, if you put ketchup on pasta, I don't want to know you.

#73 Posted by Robot_Sneakers (418 posts) -

I've never tried Ketchup on spaghetti but I don't find it weird. I mostly use it with hotdogs, burgers, fries and sometimes grilled cheese if I use it at all.

#74 Posted by CaptainCody (1518 posts) -

Spaghetti sucks. There, I said it.

#75 Posted by TwoLines (2826 posts) -

Oh Christ! Ketchup on a spaghetti?! Euuuuughh! Sorry man, but that's repulsive.

#76 Posted by Rudyftw (554 posts) -

@Penzilneck said:

I was quite confused when my more gourmet friends got really angry at the fact that I was looking for ketchup to help the spaghetti go down better.

Apparently one does not insult pasta of any kind with the presence of ketchups.

Besides hot-dog condiment, what would I use the ketchup for, then? I saw it as a cheap and handy stand-in for better tomato sauces.

Also, these friends are foreign. I'm pretty sure that most people here have this tradition of using ketchup on spaghetti, as plebeian and farmer-like as that may be.

So, is there seriously a schism between people when it comes to ketchup on spaghetti?

Tomato sandwiches go great with ketchup and/or mayo.

#77 Posted by Leekanh (6 posts) -

@CaptainCody said:

Spaghetti sucks. There, I said it.


That's... The first time that I hear that someone does not like spaghetti... It can't be possible!

#78 Posted by spiceninja (3065 posts) -

Ketchup on spaghetti sounds awful.

#79 Posted by ShaggE (6636 posts) -
You have angered Spagett.
#80 Posted by Spoonman671 (4751 posts) -

I want to punch you right in your fat, ketchup-covered face right now.

#81 Posted by Fajita_Jim (1463 posts) -
@Penzilneck said:

Besides hot-dog condiment, what would I use the ketchup for, then?

Ketchup does NOT belong on  hot dogs.  I'll let my man Cecil Adams speak:

Dear Cecil:

I was sitting at the Montreal Pool Room eating my all-dressed hot dog and suddenly the question hit me: why is there no ketchup in an all-dressed? Is ketchup not as respectable a condiment as relish or mustard? Is there a conspiracy? Does Dirty Harry's remark about ketchup in a hot dog have anything to do with it? I would be so thankful if you could shine a light on this obscure bit of knowledge for a passionate and perplexed user of ketchup.

— Paul Macneil, Dorval, Quebec

Cecil replies:

Paul, I know you don't mean to act like an alfalfa-chewing barbarian, but this is like asking why Leonardo didn't paint the Mona Lisa on black velvet. Ketchup is destructive of all that is right and just about a properly assembled hot dog (and we're talking about a pure beef hot dog, not one of those things you could serve with dressing on Thanksgiving).

Ketchup smothers the flavor of the hot dog because ketchup makers add sugar to their products. That takes the edge off the highly acidic tomatoes, but it takes the edge off everything else, too. Which is exactly why a lot of parents like it, according to Mel Plotsky, sales manager for the David Berg hot dog company in Chicago. (Chicago is one of the hot dog's holy cities.) Put ketchup on it and a kid will swallow anything — and from there it's a straight shot to Velveeta cheese, Franco-American spaghetti, and Deborah Norville.

For that matter, you want to watch the mustard, too. Plotsky says your mainstream brands like French's put in too much turmeric and whatnot. What you want is some unpretentious mustard like Plochman's that enhances rather than competes with the flavor of the beef. You should also steam or grill rather than boil your hot dogs — water leaches away the flavor and softens the wiener till it becomes non-tooth-resistant mush.

But — getting back to the original question — you say you like the taste of tomatoes. Fine, then eat tomatoes, as God meant them to be eaten — fresh sliced and piled on top of the hot dog. The recommended ingredients of a hot dog with everything, in order of application, are mustard, relish, chopped onion, sliced tomato, kosher pickle spear, optional peppers, and celery salt. (Many think you have to get kraut in there too, but Cecil wants a hot dog, not Oktoberfest.)

People get pretty emotional over the ketchup question. Mel Plotsky opened our discussion by describing the condiment as a "catchall of garbage." Over at crosstown rival Vienna Sausage, they refer to ketchup as the "K-word." If you go into an authentic hot dog joint and ask for ketchup on your hot dog, the counterman will pause and look you in the eye. He may or may not say, "Ketchup?" with a tone of disbelief. But you may be certain what he's thinking: "Behold this creature that walks like a man. It wants ketchup on its hot dog."

But hey, if you want ketchup, by all means get it.

Cecil Adams

#82 Posted by Brians (1465 posts) -

@Penzilneck: You're a monster for suggesting ketchup on Spaghetti.

#83 Posted by big_jon (5775 posts) -

Everybody get naked!

#84 Posted by Spooty (86 posts) -

Ketchup on spaghetti is only acceptable once the spaghetti itself is over 12 hours old.

Before that it's gastronomical rape.

#85 Posted by Fat_Irish7890 (23 posts) -

I'll only use ketchup If I have left over pasta and no sauce. But my brother used to eat pasta with tomato sauce and ketchup

#86 Posted by TehFlan (1944 posts) -

I've never thought of doing that and it doesn't sound particularly good, but I guess if you've got no other alternatives.

#87 Posted by mlarrabee (3031 posts) -

One of the secret hobo recipes is as follows:

1 package of ramen noodles

3 ketchup packets

Open ramen noodle package and discard flavoring packet. Boil noodles in water, preferable clean. When 'al dente', drain noodles and top with ketchup from packets.

Enjoy 'spaghetti.'

So no, you're not crazy. It just means that you're a vagrant. I'm cool with that.

#88 Posted by Penzilneck (423 posts) -

@Fajita_Jim: Awesome. You just made the thread.

#89 Posted by Penzilneck (423 posts) -

@ShaggE: Man, oh man. Can not stop laughing.

#90 Posted by Gargantuan (1887 posts) -

You guys must have some horrible ketchup in your countries. Try this one instead.

#91 Posted by dudeglove (8153 posts) -

eww, gross.

#92 Posted by Veektarius (4984 posts) -

Ketchup is for kids because it has a monotone taste that overpowers the more subtle flavor of whatever else you're eating. That's why kids like it, because they don't like being able to taste things that aren't sweet. Adults should not use ketchup for anything unless they find their dietary preferences unchanged from when they were ten.

#93 Posted by Penzilneck (423 posts) -

@Gargantuan: See, that looks like a cheap, quick and functionable snack to me. But viking? Could the case be that this is some Scandinavian thing? I don't get what ketchup it is that people eat to be so against it. The Icelandic one is fine.

#94 Posted by jhubz (54 posts) -

Maybe get some ranch dressing up in there?

#95 Posted by RelentlessKnight (963 posts) -

please.. its catshup

#96 Posted by Death_Unicorn (2838 posts) -

@NMC2008 said:

Oh god, just thinking about that makes me want to vomit, sorry dude.

I vomited, sorry. :(

#97 Posted by iam3green (14390 posts) -

i would understand if it was something in the sauce but not regularly. i've seen someone put ketchup into a sauce when they were making it, it was tomatoes with more tomatoes.

#98 Posted by artofwar420 (6299 posts) -

What the fuck. It's not like spaghetti is a hideously horrible food. If I was a mod I'd ban every single person in this thread including myself.

#99 Posted by Penzilneck (423 posts) -

Well, as the thread winds down I just want to thank everyone for the culinary input, tasteful tips and apologize for all the apparent vomiting it induced.

#100 Posted by Penzilneck (423 posts) -