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My background changes every hour, but this is what's on now:

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Really liked the movie Gravity so I am using this.

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Loving girlfriend, never changed it. Except that one time, then I felt bad and changed it back.

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@shagge: What the hell is the big doomsday button in the corner?

Makes it easier to switch between battery saving and full power modes, and the big button changes sleep states.

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I like it pretty simple, bright colors hurt my eyes but I need something there and the piece was made for me so I love it, sometimes I'll stick a picture to the right or left of it and spruce it up a bit.

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Thanks to some fine, upstanding duders, I've got quite a haul here:

Thank ye kindly based Chris Behr for the good background times ;)

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@tearhead: that time thing in the top right corner is pretty dope

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@demoskinos: @superfriend: @i_stay_puft:

Yeah it's windows 8, but I used a thing called Omnimo to do the whole look. I basically hid all my desktop icons and the start/ taskbar, and put everything useful on the desktop through it.

It's very very customizable and allows you to do all sorts of cool things with it :)

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@theht said:

That looks like Mass Effect 3's ending scene.. is it?

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Dual screen. Left screen is 1920x1080, right screen is 1680x1050 (hence the black you see i the screen grab; that area doesn't exist). Link to the image. Sliced from this huge pic.

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@gruebacca: Oh wow. Does this thing actually pull weather forecast and generate a desktop every day? If so, please link the app.

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Rocking the Game of Thrones GTA atm.

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My desktop. It's swedish. other than that, I don't know what's going on.

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Looking forward to Broken Age

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My PC cycles through 294 images every 30 minutes. Right now it's on this:

Here's the wallpaper in 1920x1080:

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I didn't think so many people used desktop icons in the world of the Windows 7 and 8 taskbar. Don't see the point in them.

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I'm still using the ANSI terminal fractals I rendered in 2009, though I don't see them that often. I usually have 1, 2 or 3 windows tiled edge to edge filling each screen.

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Currently running through my "Pretty People" gallery, this was the one up when I capped:

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@teoball said:

Looking forward to Broken Age

Woah that's a LOT of games installed!

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@armaan8014: Well, yes it is. I got the space for them so why not :)

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Include me in the camp of people with 2 different monitor resolutions.

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The most gorgeous image I have ever seen, I had to make it my desktop as soon as I found. I have been a Dominion Tank police fan for 18 years and this Image I have never seen before and its the most beautiful image ever!! I believe it to have been an original image from the 80's it may even have been done by Masamune shirow himself.

Its just the perfect Dominion Tank Police image. I do not think I will ever take this off as my wall paper as I am too much in love with it. I cannot believe it exists.

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How can you stand icons :P

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I gotta say, the taskbar on the side I'm seein in this thread all look pretty slick.

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Please could you guys provide the clean versions too? Thanks.

Anyway this is what I have at the moment:

it's a squirrel

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I currently using this one:

Also I cleaned up my wallpapers folder recently and I found this one, A duder from the site made it but I can't remember who it was.

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Currently this.

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Love this desktop and game.

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It's interesting that quite a few duders keep a million game launchers on the desktop. I keep Steam running in the system tray all the time though.

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@noizy: I wish I knew. I found the link off of a random Google Image search result almost a year ago, and it was very hard to find.

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@theht said:

I gotta say, the taskbar on the side I'm seein in this thread all look pretty slick.

Taskbar on the left has been the way I've done it ever since I tried it. I have no interest in going back. So much more information!

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@teoball said:

Looking forward to Broken Age

Woah that's a LOT of games installed!

I have like nearly 200 installed in steam I just only have desktop icons for my most used ones. Gotta fill that 1TB somehow!

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I fucking love this image. And it only serves to instill a deep hope that the rumored sequel to Prometheus will see life.

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Some Leiji Matsumoto up in here.

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Taskbar on the left, desktop empty. This is how it's done.

Autohide that and we've got a winner.

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Modified versions of those (I have this [weird?] habit of rejiggering multiple versions of my wallpapers so that the basic image is the same but there are small variances in hue, brightness-contrast etc. where appropriate) and some other dark and moody ones.

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Jack Frost Says HI I like the blue and it feels winter-y so yeah, now Jack Frost says bye, bye bye

Been using Fences for a while and i like how it adds shortcut pages and a quick double click hide icons. It also keeps my desktop tidy

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For the next 3 minutes it is this:

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Oh my god. I........I'm not sure how to respond to this.

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I've been changing it for every JJBA part I get to. Since I'm on III right now, it's this;

My icons are a mess, though.

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Scarlett Johansson. Always and forever.