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I'm not proud of the number of icons I have. I normally keep it pretty neat, but I'm living like an animal lately.

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new wallpaper, dead end thrills is posting up some beautiful high res screen shots that are worth having as wallpaper..... but need to crop it a bit.

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Stoked for April 30th!

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@thatonedudenick said:
I'm not proud of the number of icons I have. I normally keep it pretty neat, but I'm living like an animal lately.

I like how you have your icons arranged and how many there are. I find that a lot of people waste their desktops. Mine are arranged similarly. I also once had that same nebula as my background, but it made things harder to read.

Edit: I took your idea and organized things a bit. Looks much better now.

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I haven't posted in one of these for a while. But here we go. I would go find the link for the original image, but you could probably just crop this one as well.

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This is on my smaller display, but higher res versions of this are available from the project's website.

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I've been rockin this One Piece wallpaper for about a 3 weeks now.

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Breaking my Zelda streak. My current desktop has become a topic of consideration between my friends. Is this blood elf male or female?

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I recently changed my desktop wallpaper (sorry if there was a newer version of this thread out, I couldn't find it).

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I found a way to set .wmvs as my desktop background so currently using the Transistor loading screen. I keep my desktop clean so icons disabled and even when I do have icons on all there is is recycle bin. I use steam and start menus for launching stuff.

With Rainmeter

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On my gaming PC, it's a Mushi-Shi picture. I didn't actually finish the first season of Mushi-Shi, something I'd like to go back and do someday, but I did think it looked absolutely gorgeous. Also there's another season, so I have even more to get to.

EDIT: And on my laptop, it's a picture that was posted in here months ago that I haven't bothered changing out. I should probably go seek something new now.

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Here's mine.

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My laptop. Art is by Tyson Hesse.

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How can you stand icons :P

Other than the no icons thing, this is my desktop pretty much.

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It's just a promotional image from Devin Townsend's latest release (Casualties of Cool) when he was getting some extra funding from Pledge Music.

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Halfway through 2014, here is what's on my desktop:

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decided to change my wallpaper for the first time this year. check it

clean ver

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This is one in the rotation:

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My windows PC has the default windows 8.1 background. My laptops have the default ubuntu 14.04 and linux mint 17 xfce backgrounds. I'm a pretty boring dude.

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Liking this one just now. Wish I knew who the artist was.

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@sunbrozak: Oh man. That Frampt is something special. Fantastic.

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@sunbrozak: Paul Robertson, I'd recognize his stuff anywhere. Wizorb, Mercenary Kings and the Scott Pilgrim game artist.

The greatest Phyrexian praetor for me.

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@ervonymous: Oh wow, I can certainly see the similarity. That's neat, I like that guys work.

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My desktop is pretty dang exciting.