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I remember a thread like this on another forum, and it was sorta neat to see what type of shoes people wore....So...Post away!


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I just have some rubbish Adidas ones, I have no idea what they are called.

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I think air stab shoes are pretty neat loooking, though London doesnt really like em.
I am a Vans guy btw

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Topic title is misleading.

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I wear these mostly
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yay shoes!!!!

these now...i used to have black ones
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Aarny said:
"Topic title is misleading."
I'd edit it if I knew how...
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Some K-Swiss shoes, I'll see if I can get pictures of them.

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Subway said:
"Aarny said:
"Topic title is misleading."
I'd edit it if I knew how...

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I lol'd at kicks. :P

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Just classic Adidas shoes. I'm too lazy to get a picture.

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I've got some sparkly black Converse. I'd find a pic, but i'm sure you can find them by Googling Black Sequin Converse, if you really, really care.

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I love my OctoCamo Crocs... God I love Otacon