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This youtube video will shed light on the age old question: Who would win in a knife vs bat fight?

My choice was always the bat, and this video confirms it.

As you can see, the robber had no chance in front of the mighty bat.

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the recreations are funny,china don't care ..i stick a knife to my bat so i win,win.

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That plot twist!

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The answer has always been both. Bat + Knife = Sword.

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*gasp* Drugs!?

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That was a really awkward knife vs. bat situation.

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The answer has always been both. Bat + Knife = Sword.

Such a combo probably equals closer to a spear or a bayonet. Or if Dead Rising 2 has any say, a shotgun shaped like a bat that shoots knives.

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If it was a blade of equal length to a bat, then blade obviously wins. But if you have a regular knife up against a bat, bat wins because of it's superior reaching capability

Edit: Oh no, I'm gonna fall down the "watching robberies in progress videos on youtube" rabbit whole. GOD DAMNIT

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@yummylee said:
@bushpusherr said:

The answer has always been both. Bat + Knife = Sword.

Such a combo probably equals closer to a spear or a bayonet. Or if Dead Rising 2 has any say, a shotgun shaped like a bat that shoots knives.

In terms of combining the actual two items, you are right. Combining the functionality, however, yields the cutting potential of a blade with the length and swinging potential of the bat = sword. :D

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Well a member of my family who was in actual knife vs bat fight.

Knife won.

you swing and miss with the bat you're done, which is easy to do when you are in a tense situation like that.

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To me depends on the situation and person.

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I'd throw the bat on the person and run away. It'd work with a knife aswell but I don't trust my knife-throwing abilities.

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Bat only wins if it lands a lucky first blow or the guy with the knife is defensive. Otherwise, all the knife guy has to do is basically hug the guy with the bat and stab his guts out. You can't swing a bat effectively at someone within arms reach. But you sure can stab them.

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Although in Hotline Miami I've managed to overcome bat-wielding guys by using a knife, I can't help feeling they had the advantage in that particular circumstance. Basically, any dumb fuck can swing a bat, but throwing a knife in a dude's face while he's running towards you? Tricky.

We're talking about brute force over precision instruments here, and vice versa. It's like debating a pneumatic drill versus a chisel.

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Knife vs Bat is gonna be the sequel to Divekick.

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The recreation looks like a Sims 3 joint

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Goddamn right.

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The power of hugs is clearly the winner here.

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I still say Knife got the match up advantage. Clearly the awkward environment here helped out the bat as the knife wielded has little angles of attack. In a more open area knife wins.

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Man. That rendered footage was fantastic.

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Bat has reach.

But knife is 1 hit kill, and even the weakest defensive strikes do serious damage.

Bat can work but knife is so much more scary to face. I recommend option 3: run!

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Yeah, the best thing to do is not engage. It's good that the guy got something to defend himself with, but attacking the robber could have ended much worse for him.

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Close the distance and knife wins always. You can take a hit with a bat to the arm or w/e, but if a knife connects it's more lethal. Knife all the way!

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I really liked CG Robert's reaction to the DRUGS twist.

"Huh?! ...Drugs!"

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the bat clearly won so why is everyone all pro knife still? the community just loves to stab i guess

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@lanechanger: Yes, totally. Especially with the cloud thought bubbles.

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He was probably high, dumb ass makes the knife look bad.

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Yeah, but he was buying the drugs for his wife and kids.

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The robber looked apprehensive, if it was someone more aggressive wielding that knife the bat would stand no chance.