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leaving this hear

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You've gotta admit, that's a pretty cool umbrella.

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Damn that place sucks.

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Has anyone checked out their recently redone national website? It's quite the leap from what they had before, but then I wouldn't expect any less from best Korea. May exalted leader rest in peace.

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is this... art?

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wait, i don't get it. so the badger wasn't made of popcorn after all?

Folly, this video is vegetarian propaganda!

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@Klaimore said:

Damn that place sucks.

Other than the smog, it looks fine.

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Hmm well I must admit I don't watch the 5 min long video..

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Looks like a good spot for a gundam battle.

And also really fucking grim.

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There is quite a bit of spam tonight, eh?

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While I'm sure this is tied to Drew's recent trip and that's understandable, posting a video with little to no original comment is considered YouTube spam on Giant Bomb, since it doesn't do anything to create a reasonable discussion.