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you can buy the chikara ppv from the gfl website ? i want to watch it but im not sure if you can

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@Milkman said:

What exactly was the point then? That Foley is a big doofus and The Rock is a cool tough guy?

May I reiterate

I mean, do you remember the dynamic between Foley and Rock when they were a tag team?!

And this is coming from a guy who has proclaimed Foley is God for well over a decade. That's just the dynamic between them ever since the Rock n' Sock Connection was established. Which is amazing in retrospect when you think about how BRUTAL their feud back in 98-99 was.

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@slightconfuse said:

you can buy the chikara ppv from the gfl website ? i want to watch it but im not sure if you can

Yup, it's 15 bucks and you can rewatch it as many times as you like.

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@Milkman:When the story line switched to some shit about Triple H getting a text from Nash.Luckily ROH is still worthwhile watching.

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@TeflonBilly: Okay, sure. Maybe I'm focusing on the wrong thing here. Instead, Iet's focus on The Rock's "main event promo" in which he said "TWITTER TWITTER TWITTER TREND TWITTER TWITTER TWEET" for 20 minutes. Who fucking gives a shit what's trending? Here's what's trending WORLDWIDE right now: "#ThingsThirstyPeopleDo", "#IKnewItWasOverWhen" and "#WhatYouFindInLadiesHandbags." All this does it make sure that 10 years from now when the WWE is making "John Cena: Word to Your Life Volume 10" or "The Rock: Entertainment Man Volume 47", they can't use anything from segment because everyone will be saying "what the fuck's a Twitter?"

I don't want to be seen as some kind of Rock hater because I think The Rock was awesome. At the height of his popularity, he was the best in the business and the tail end of his career with his live concerts may be my favorite Rock ever. But since coming about before WrestleMania, The Rock has not done anything that hasn't been terrible. Let's give a run down of The Rock's actions since coming back: He claimed that he was "home" and then proceeded to disappear for weeks or months at a time, appearing live maybe four times since then. I understand that he's a movie star and that's fine. But don't say "I'm never leaving this place ever again" and then literally do exactly that. He then proceeded to call John Cena a fruity peeble faggot for the next three months because he wears purple and kids like him and he's popular. And now this Twitter bullshit. That's really it. The Rock is really, really good at this. Which makes it all the more baffling why he's been so, so bad.

I want to know how I'm suppose to be excited for a wrestling match when the bad guys are the only ones that make any sense. The Miz proclaiming that he was "so sick of this" was the only part of the entire promo in which I said to myself "yes, finally somebody is the voice of reason." How am I suppose to care about a match when the two biggest superstars don't even care about who they're fighting? The Rock doesn't give a shit about The Miz and R-Truth. Personally, I was surprised he didn't ask them "who in the blue hell they were" when they got in the ring. The people will do what The Rock says, hence why the people don't give a shit about The Miz and R-Truth, which leaves me asking, why should I pay money to see that then?

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just came in to say that the chikara ppv is awesome and if you like wrestling you should order it. i have not watched to the whole thing yet but i willt try to support chikara in future endeavors.

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Survivor Series in a couple of days, and I'm only mildly excited.... Hopefully somebody will turn in the tag match, Barrett's team wins the survivor series match, CM Punk will win or ADR will do something interesting, Foley replaces Johnny Ace, Henry will retain, Beth will retain, Ziggler will go over Morrison...

but none of that will happen, will it?

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did that really need to be 3hrs kinda dragged and thats even with me skipping over the randy ortan and divas matches, but mick foley coming back was good i will always want to see more of him but dam the rock every promo since he came back seems kinda the same and im sooo sick of the fruity pebbles bit there's LOTS OF THINGS TO MOCK JOHN CENA FOR and don't get me wrong i like him hes a white rapper that used to do basically 4 moves yet all you call up is that he has different colored hockey jerseys kinda stupid.

-edit- also starting to like ziggler and can see him going onto bigger things when he looses his title on sunday. kinda sucks that hes in 2 matches in one night again though

-edit edit- #cenasladyparts

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Ziggler HAS to beat Morrison. I want this angle of him continuously ducking Ryder to continue. Those guys are gold together, whether it's on TV or Z!TLIS. They're the ones who should have the blowoff match with Ryder getting the US belt and Ziggler moving up to main event status.

Also, Morrison as US champ has no momentum to it and wouldn't really help his character any seeing as he hasn't shown any clamor for it. Hell, his matches and interactions with Ziggler have been more about him wanting to fuck ish up for him rather than any want of the title. They will have an amazing match. I read this somewhere else, but the return of the Hardcore title could do wonders for John Morrison. Check this out.

How would you push John Morrison?

>WWE brings back the Hardcore Championship, Champ to be decided during Fatal 4 Way at Extreme Rules.

>Morrison wins in a very close match. Next night on Raw, cuts a promo declairing that with this win, he has his mojo back, and to prove it he will re-instate the 24/7 defense rule.

>Morrison gets attacked left and right backstage, always using his parkour skills in some manner to gain the advantage/get away before he can get pinned.

>Morrison replaces the "H" on the belt with a "P", puts some duct tape over the "D", and dubs himself the "Parcore Champion." Cuts another promo stating how he is the greatest hardcore champ ever because anyone can pick something up and use it as a weapon, but he's the only one who uses the entire arena as his weapon.

24/7 rules Hardcore championship made Steve Blackman and Crash Holly entertaining as all Hell (I'm gonna conveniently forget the First Ever Hardcore Evening Gown match between Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe that was a part of that angle)

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To be honest I can't stand Morrison and his gimmick. Hope his burying continues.

Not having Ziggler vs. Ryder... what!? Why have Ziggler in two matches if one is not with Ryder?

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i would love fro them to bring back 24/7 hardcore rules. i want ziggler to win so he can drop to Zack Ryder

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@GunslingerPanda: He is about done with WWE in fact its speculated is tenure with the WWE will be over this month.   He isn't scheduled for anything after the 28th of November and WWE is already advertising for December shows.
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@GunslingerPanda said:

To be honest I can't stand Morrison and his gimmick. Hope his burying continues.

Not having Ziggler vs. Ryder... what!? Why have Ziggler in two matches if one is not with Ryder?

Honestly, it's good booking. Ryder's been victorious against Ziggler under non-title circumstances, but he still isn't getting his due even though he's pleading a pretty convincing case. It just shows that despite his bravado, Ziggler fears Ryder's chances to get his belt, thereby building up Ryder.

It's gonna make it make it all the more satisfying when Dolph finally gets his comeuppence and HAS to face Ryder for the belt. That is unless WWE shits it's pants as usual and screw up this money making feud. Ryder is amazingly over IN SPITE of what the WWE are foing and Ziggler is garnering amazing heat. They both are capable of putting on a great match and they can both have some great segments and promos.

Please don't screw the pooch on this WWE. My heart sunk when I read that the plan was to scrap Ryder for a Ziggler vs Mason Ryan US Title feud. Thankfully that seems to have been done away with.

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@TurboMan said:


I'll probably end up checking out what TNA has in store for tonight, and then catch a replay of Chikara sometime this week. I'm curious to see how AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode plays out. Everything on Chikara's card has me really excited as well, who can forget the last time Colt Cabana fought Archibald Peck

Loading Video...

I just gotta proclaim how fantastic their rematch at High Noon was. Archibald Peck played an amazing pouty, crybaby heel who was still a dick (I mean he'd been testing different chemicals that would cover his bald spot on Colt Cabunny, who's bunny costume had bits of it dyed green to show the damage, for his bitchy girlfriend.)

His band leader march into the ring was worth the 15 bucks alone.

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i have been working my way throguh high noon and i wonder how they are going to handle the osiran portal. i think/hope amasis's injury is some sort of work-shoot thing because it would as hame to loose him.

Also green ant has a crazy submisson and powerslammmed a viking

on the higher level anyone else think that they are devaluing the one survivor series match by having everyone face each there in 1 on 1 matches. i love how evan borne is suspended for personal wellness but mason ryan is active

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This Ryder stuff is getting weird

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@slightconfuse said:

i love how evan borne is suspended for personal wellness but mason ryan is active

I've read multiple times that Ryan uses no steroids or illegal substances.

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@slightconfuse said:

i have been working my way throguh high noon and i wonder how they are going to handle the osiran portal. i think/hope amasis's injury is some sort of work-shoot thing because it would as hame to loose him.

Also green ant has a crazy submisson and powerslammmed a viking

on the higher level anyone else think that they are devaluing the one survivor series match by having everyone face each there in 1 on 1 matches. i love how evan borne is suspended for personal wellness but mason ryan is active

Amasis' is apparently legit injured (a la Edge's career ending one) and has to retire from active competition. My guess is that since Ophidian turned rudo now and took his mask, that he's gonna return with a new evil Amasis and Amasis will maybe show up in a managerial role down the road?

Green Ant vs Tursus was surprisingly good. Nothing like watching a giant viking getting picked up by a green ant.

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@TurboMan: i could have sworn that ryan was suspend for personal wellness but i could be wrong.

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@slightconfuse said:

@TurboMan: i could have sworn that ryan was suspend for personal wellness but i could be wrong.

Maybe you're thinking about Rob Terry, he's Welsh too. He was signed to FCW (Or was it OVW) on a WWE developmental contract before he went to TNA and is a roid freak.

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@TeflonBilly: maybe itis his batista 2.0 looks that made me think that

edit: just watched a no DQ hair vs mask vs mask vs ancient artifact match, was very awesome.

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What was with eddie Kingston calling out Cm punk , john cena and Aj styles seemed to be a dick move after a really great match

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That's just Eddie keeping it real. Taz and Shane Douglas would do the same thing back in ECW towards Austin, Flair and Goldberg. Hell, Punk even did it back when he won the ROH title. Angle too, he said he'd face anybody whether it was ina wrestling ring or an octagon for the TNA title. It's just a great way of acknowledging that this belt means something and any other promotions best wrestlers can't hold a candle to the champ who wears that belt.

You'd see it all the time back in the day, but Vince makes it very clear that you're not even supposed to acknowledge that there are other companies than WWE.

Though Eddie seemed REALLY hostile towards TNA. Then again, he almost always sounds hostile. One of the best mic workers today.

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@slightconfuse said:

What was with eddie Kingston calling out Cm punk , john cena and Aj styles seemed to be a dick move after a really great match

Yeah, that was really dumb. Kingston is awesome but that was just lame.

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Punk said he's planning on stealing the show tonight, and he says that Rock doesn't talk to anybody in the locker room at shows. Two things that I found interesting.

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I guess I'll do some predictions for Survivor Series tonight, which looks like it could be an alright show.

Team Orton vs. Team Barrett

This may be the match I'm most excited for tonight. Survivor Series matches are always fun and this one is showcasing some of the WWE best young talent. I think Team Orton comes away with the victory here but the winner seems kind of inconsequential here. I think (and hope) that both teams end up looking strong and I'd predict that Orton ends up the sole survivor here or him and Sheamus. I expect outside inference from Christian, possibly leading to Sheamus' elimination and Mason Ryan will probably be eliminated by some dumb disqualification or count out because the WWE seems like they're still not ready for someone to pin him.

Beth Phoenix vs. Eve

Phoenix wins and then hopefully stops wasting her time with Eve. The only way to save the WWE's women division right now in my eyes is to turn Natalya face and start a feud with Beth. Either that or a Chickbuster - Divas of Doom feud! (YAY AJ)

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison

Dolph Ziggler: WWE's resident iron man. Working double duty two pay-per-views in a row and he'll still probably look better than everyone else. The fact that this match is even happening is baffling to me. Morrison still seems like he's going to be out the door in a matter of weeks so my only guess is that this one last hurrah for him. Either way, Ziggler retains and Zack Ryder sits backstage, crying into his flip cam.

Mark Henry vs. The Big Show

The Big Show is about to be re-inducted into the Hall of Pain. I've said before that Mark Henry just seems to be treading water right now and it's painfully obvious that Henry retains here. I fully expect him to keep the title until WrestleMania, even if this feud with Big Show continues until TLC.

Speaking of WrestleMania, let's talk about Daniel Bryan for a second. The WWE has been teasing a Money in the Bank cash in the past few weeks on SmackDown! I'm not one for fantasy booking but here's how I would play out tonight as far as the heavyweight title. After Henry convincingly beats Show, I'd have him attempt the old "break your leg with a chair thing" again but have Big Show counter and knock him out with his stupid punch move. Then, I'd have Bryan come down, cash in the briefcase...and lose. I can feel the legion of people on YouTube who speak into their webcam about wrestling forming an angry mob to take me down right now but hear me out. Bryan is being built up to be as the ultimate underdog against Mark Henry and this would be the ultimate disgrace. No one has ever lost a Money in the Bank cash-in match and to have Bryan get beat down even if after Henry had a match would be the truly soul-crushing. But then, you build up Bryan as he tries to re-earn his title shot through John Cena's school of Never Giving Up and Rising Above Hate. Bryan then gains another match against Henry at WrestleMania and has his WrestleMania moment, overcoming all the odds and becoming champ.

Of course, none of that will happen. But it's nice to dream.

Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

I desperately want Punk to lose this match. Not because I don't like Punk but because Del Rio deserves to keep the title for at least a little while longer. Del Rio is awesome right now and better than Punk, as far as I'm concerned. And though I think that the title eventually falls to Punk because that's the right and sensible to thing to do. Have it happen at TLC. Del Rio needs this match. I understand he's a heel and he cheats to win but when's the last time Del Rio won a real one-on-one match? Since he became champion, I'm not sure that he even has. Cheat to win, use Ricardo Rodriguez as interference. That's fine. I'll even take a DQ finish. Just give this to Alberto.

John Cena and The Rock vs. The Miz and R-Truth

I've made my opinion on this match very clear by now. I don't care. This is going end up one of two ways. Either Rock and Cena destroy Miz and Truth and I weep deeply. Or one of them turns on the other, giving Miz and Truth the win. No matter what happens, Miz and Truth are sure to be completely overshadowed so even if they win, the PPV ends with a shot of The Rock or Cena. A lot of wrestling sites are salivating over a Cena heel turn tonight and even though this would be the best opportunity for such a thing, there's no way. I would have an immense amount of respect for the WWE if they did pull the trigger but they simply play it too safe nowadays to do something that risky.

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5 things I hope happens at Survivor Series . Just wishful thinking...

1. Dolph Ziggler losses his US championship against JoMo or Ryder ( don't be surprised if this turns into a triple threat match) .

2. DZ survives the 5 on 5 tag match , and gets a WWE championship push. That would be gutsy for the WWE.

3. Punk wins the WWE Championship

4. Henry wins , somehow. And Big Show going crazy and destroys Mark after the match , and D. Bryan cashing in the Money in the Bank . And wins ! This is REALLY wishful thinking :D

5. The Awesome Truth just straight up wins . Ok, maybe a little cheating on the side .

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DB will be used tonight, but he ain't gonna cash in his MitB

Tonight is the night if you are going to turn Cena back into a heel. Let's be honest, his tank as a face has ran out, there is nothing else to do with him currently. Characters need to evolve. Hogan did it, Austin did it, The Rock did it.

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i like your idea of bryan cashing in and loosing, since Mark Henry beat the piss out of him on friday, i could see some revenge attempt. i would ahve Bryan win the royal rumble and challenge Henry if that happened.

I like Del Rio as champ ans with Kevin NAsh in the background something dumb is going to happen. i feels like CM punk was the only one who could challenge for the title by circumstance.

What fun would it be if Cena/Rock won, they are so pose to be building a match not having a great team up. there cold have been a great 5v5 match with Del Rio, Miz, Truth,swagger, ziggler vs punk,truth, rock, kofi and bourne

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Survivor Series is an hour away, be sure to join me in the anime vice chat for the show

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I'm going to try to get this AV situation fixed so I can take part in some of these chats.

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That match was fantastic.

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Cody chant! I love MSG.

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Now, that was an awesome Survivor Series match.

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@Milkman said:

Now, that was an awesome Survivor Series match.

It was alright... I wouldn't call it fantastic. Personally the last thing I wanted to see was Randy orton rkoing everybody, and Sheamus getting randomly eliminated for no reason. Besides Sin cara's injury totally deflated it for a good 2 minutes.

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Wait, so if Mark Henry has a broken leg? What the hell are they going to do with the championship?

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Damn pigeons!

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CM Punk winning = Yay!

Bullshit ending for Henry's match = Boo!

Rock/Cena won, but nothing happened after = Boo!

Dolph retains = Yay!

SS Match was good = Yay!

Divas match = Boo!

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Very good show overall . CM PUNK is CHAMP !!!!!!!!

and DZ is still AMAZING !

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Cm punk , ziggler winning and the suvior series match were awesome. they need to find another diva to stand up to phoenix, unless they decide to put kelly kelly again. would have been better if rock/cena lost to create more tension then, yo rock bottom see you in 6 months

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What the hell did that Rock-Cena match accomplish?

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Wow, Sin Cara can't do anything right. Let's just fire him and Hunico before they kill someone.

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@Milkman said:

What the hell did that Rock-Cena match accomplish?

absolutely fucking nothing.

John Cena is such a boy scout, tonight was the perfect opportunity for him to become a true thorn in The Rock's side... but what happened? The Rock made him look like a bitch by Rock Bottoming him and then he gets booed out of the arena... Cena responds with a stupid smerk on his face.

Who cares about this match? John "I don't care how bad I look, at least the kids still like me" Cena vs. Dwayne "I'll see you six months from now" Johnson?

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The only good thing to come of the night is CM Punk winning the title.  Other than that... meh.   Was good to see rocky in the ring again but like was said they played it out in the worst way possible.  

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I guess I'm only person in the world pissed that Punk won. Whatever, man. ADR 4 lyfe.

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@Milkman: I like ADR, and he always puts on good matches, but he is not interesting outside of the ring at all...

Punk winning puts a big question mark on who he's going against next though... all of the good heels are on smackdown or has championships right now.

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@TurboMan: My best guess would be this:


Royal Rumble: The Miz

Elimination Chamber: Cena or Elimination Chamber Match

Wrestlemania: Ziggler

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@TurboMan: I'd disagree with that but to each his own. I don't really have a problem with Punk being champ. I just wish that the WWE had a little more faith in Del Rio. If Punk can get back to his Money in the Bank form, then he'll be an awesome champion. But right now, he's really boring me to hell.

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@TurboMan: I disagree.  As hard as ADR tried he could not get a good match out of Big Show and John Cena.  
So who thinks John Morrison is going to get squashed by Brodus Clay on Raw then get future endeavored and then after 90 days or so will go to TNA and further bury their original talent?    I like John Morrison but he was an awful face who couldn't cut a decent nonheel promo to save his life and he couldn't land Starship Pain with any consistency.  If someone told you back when Miz and Morrison were teaming up in ECW that Morrison would be the Marty Janetty and The Miz would be the Shawn Michaels you would of thought they were insane.
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I like Del Rio but I am happy Punk won. I felt that was the best match. It was fun to see The Rock get in there but he didn't do much. Who doesn't like watching Cena get beat up for twenty minutes though. I hope their match at wrestle mania is action packed and not them looking at each other like the majority of the Henry vs Big Show match.