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How many people on giant bomb write Left Handed? 
Better yet, whose ambidextrous?

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right handed  REPRESENT 

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Regular old righty here... kinda wish I was ambidextrous then I could do things...with BOTH hands.

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Right handed, in the hood even.

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@AjayRaz said:

" right handed  REPRESENT  "
You and 90% of people. You're not special.
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@Meteora: i never said i was o.O 
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Left handed when writing, ambi for mouse, right-handed for nose-picking (and other stuff).

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Rite hand reppin' hard here.

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@Meteora said:
" Lefty. 
@AjayRaz said:
" right handed  REPRESENT  "
You and 90% of people. You're not special. "
Jealous of our right handed superiority?
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I am right handed, but I have no problem eating with the left hand, the knife and fork in the wrong hands.

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Good ol' right-handed here. 
My dad was left-handed though.
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@VIGGO123 said:
"I am right handed, but I have no problem eating with the left hand, the knife and fork in the wrong hands. "

The same here!
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I am a lefty.

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Left handed. I use my mouse with my right hand though. However, when on my laptop and using the touchpad, I use my left hand. 

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@AjayRaz said:
" @Meteora: i never said i was o.O  "
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It kind of sucks.  

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Right handed, but I just wrote this with my left since I have a burger in my right hand right now.

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But I game with the mouse on the right

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@AjayRaz said:
" right handed  REPRESENT  "
awwwwwwww yeah
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right hander reporting in!
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I right with my write hand... wait.

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Right hand all the way

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I prefer masturbating with my right hand but when I try my left it feels nice.

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While writing? Left handed.

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@habster3 said:
"I am a lefty. "
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Mostly right handed, but I can also use my left for most things.  

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Right handed

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Mostly ambidextrous except for handwriting. I'm way too lazy to teach myself to write left handed.

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Both handed!  I wrote with my right hand for a while, but than found it was easy to use either.

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this should really be a poll, right handed

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To the lefties:

Nah, we still love ya!
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@WoodenPlatypus said:
" @habster3 said:
"I am a lefty. "
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Left handed.

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Right-handed here.

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I write left handed, I eat left handed...basically everything else is my right hand

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lefties yaay yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

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Very dominate left-hand, only right handed things that I do are use a mouse and play hockey

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I'm a leftie, but I've been practicing with my right hand - trying to get all ambidextrous and shit.

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Left handed, broski.

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Left: Writing
Right: Batting, throwing
Both: Eating, shooting, fishing, using tools

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Ambidextrous as fuck.

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I right with the right hand

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It's called Ambidextrous, not both handed.

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@TheChaos said:
"   @HYPERMETALSHADOW: It's called Ambidextrous, not both handed. "
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Right handed big time, I can't do anything properly with my left hand. 

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I'm right. 
I'm also right handed.

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@BlastProcessing said:
" Ambidextrous as fuck. "
Same here, we're special.
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Lefty for most things, except guitar/bass, I play that standard, oh and using a mouse.