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Are you Lefty or Righty? I'm ambi. I play Drums and Guitar Lefty, but write righty.

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Lefty Pride!

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Righty all the cept except private time.  Then I'm a lefty.

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This should have been a poll...

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I forgot to put a poll.

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Righty with all..and I mean ALL.

#8 Posted by gingertastic_10 (4314 posts) -

im a righty, and damn proud

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Righty tighty.

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I'm ambidextrous.

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I do everything with my right hand. However, I use a bow (yes, a "bow & arrow") left handed.

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@Black_Raven: Ambi Pride!
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Oh, I don't know how you guys do it, but people say I use a fork/knife backwards.  I cut with my left and the fork in my right hand.

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@SmugDarkLoser: You're weird. I cut with my right and use the fork with my left if I'm dual wielding... That sounded really nerdy.
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@SmugDarkLoser: Me too! I do everything right-handed... except eating with cutlery. It's fork in the right, knife in the left for me. I guess in my mind (not that it's this deliberate a process) the dominant hand should be doing all the work. The fork does way more than the knife - all that has to do is go back and forth in a sawing motion.
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The Stranger.

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Im a lefty for everything.

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Both. I am ambidexturous.

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I'm a righty for almost everything.

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I'm a Righty for pretty much everything but I use my Left hand for offhand tasks when my left hand is busy doing something

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Lefty motherfuckers! Actually I play guitar right handed and use the computer right handed. In fact I only use my left hand to write. Am I still a true lefty?

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Lefty..... I think there actually might already be a thread about this.

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Right hand.

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I'm right handed when I write, but I do most other things left handed.
There are multiple threads about this already:
Here and here.

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I am right handed but I wear my watch on my right hand as well. It has always been this idiosyncratic thing I did. Everyone always asks me about it.

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I write with my left hand but I do everything else with me right hand, and I play soccer with my right foot.

So I don't really know if I'm a lefty or a righty.

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I right with me left, and have the tendency to throw things (i.e. in sports), with my left. Which is kind of annoying, to be honest.

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@ValkyrieGoddess: Yes we talked about this once before! I'm a lefty also.
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Right handed FTW!!!

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I do the deed with my left hand!

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I'm a righty.

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Right hand by day, left hand by night.

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righty for everything besides boxing, which i can go either way.

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I'm 100% righty

I did have a phase where I did everything with my left hand in the 4th grade though O.O
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I am righty fo sho!

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Left-handed, but wish I was ambidextrous.

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I'm right-handed. I've tried heaps of times to try using my left hand, each time ending in failure.

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i'm a middely. i use my penis like an elephants trunk. 

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I am right handed. 

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I'm right handed. Oddly enough, I can only use a lighter with my left hand (I don't smoke).

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Ambiodextrous, it's almost impossible to play the drums without being ambi.

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I write with left but I do other 'stuff' with my right hand.

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God damn, that's a lot of righties...I'm left-handed.