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Hello everybody and welcome!

First, let me start with some introductions. We are a group of players who are all relative new to Pathfinder with some of us having played campaigns before using the setting and some of us having never even looked in the core book. Some of us have been playing tabletop RPGs for decades while some of us are new to it. We even live in different countries. We have come together to play Way of the Wicked, one of the most interesting campaigns I personally have seen in years. And what's more, we are recording these sessions and uploading them on the internet.

Do you want to play Pathfinder or Way of the Wicked but have no group? Come join us, and partake in our trails and tribulations!

Ever wanted to see how Pathfinder could be played over the net? Take a look at our sessions and be enlightened!

Just looking for an exciting adventure? Be a part of ours!

The campaign sessions will be uploaded every week on my youtube channel that can be found HERE

I also plan to update this thread every week to inform you all when a new session is available.

So what is this campaign going to be?

This is a chronicle of evil most foul. Of villains and their attempt to destroy a nation and topple a god of light, and of evil triumphant. In this story we will be playing the villians. We have all saved the world a hundred times before, now it's our time to try and destroy it!

It's worth noting that Manaki has based our campaign off of source material from Fire Mountain Games.


For those of you familiar with the adventure, we'd appreciate it if you didn't spoil anything about it. But please feel free to comment on things not pertaining to spoiling the story. We enjoy the interaction with the community (why else would I post this here) :)

We're using a free Java-based program known as MapTool to simulate our virtual tabletop.


We are using the MT1.3.87.06_DnD35_Pathfinder framework so simulate the Pathfinder rules system



The Participants

- - -

Manaki - The Dungeon Master

Sharingan/Rahal - "Zacharias Raith", Human Wizard of the Void


DarkDestinySoul - "Azureus", Human Oracle of Fire



Tine - "Kash", Drow Rogue/Alchemist

S_M_W - "Cairen Akhdorn", Human Draconic bloodline Sorcerer

Jake - "Markas Thornblade", Human Anti-paladin of Asmodeus

We are playing Pathfinder and recording it.
BOOK 1 playlist can be found HERE

BOOK 2 playlist can be found HERE

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I've never played a PnP game in my life but I want in on this sweet action.

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I'm a newcomer to the whole PnP gaming thing, though I've sort of always wanted to play. My experience is limited to 2 one offs on Roll20, an online tabletop, one in Pathfinder & one in D&D4E. I'll be following this.

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I'm having a hard time believing an Anti-Paladin would make a very good adventurer or worship Asmodeus.

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Oh? How so? The character Jake crafted for this campaign fits in very well with the Group and the adventure. At least I think so :)

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Session 07 is now live. Alot of character interaction and some sweet sweet vengence. I Think the whole party smiled at the end of this session ^_^

It is a bit shorter since it was recorded on a weekday evening.

You find it in the playlist HERE

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@sharingan: Asmodeus is a lawful evil god, anti-paladins are all chaotic evil. Asmodeus leans very heavily on law and order while anti-paladins are absolute evil pieces of shit that murder, pillage, and destroy without care or concern for anyone or anything. I don't think they'd work in a party, even an evil one, because they're absolute champions of evil. No one can trust them, predict them, or rely on them.

Also evil parties become boring real fast.

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Ah yes. For Way of the Wicked the player's guide for the Campaign suggests that Anti-paladins should be allowed to be lawful evil. So that's what we did :)

As far as the party becoming boring, that would be personal taste. So far we are having alot of fun. It's pretty well thought out actually and it should supply us with alot of interesting opportunities.

You never know until you watch ^_^

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Session 08 is now LIVE.

In it the party arrives in town, starts plotting, gets a new member and then ambushes some horses!

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Come and watch we have whiskey!

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We back with Session 09 !

In this session everyone gets drunk of their asses, we sneak on a barkeep and start the infiltration och Balentyne!

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Session 10 is now up!

In it we sneak around in the fortress of Balentyne, and a we set up the fall of 2 captains. Evil cackling abound!

Don't miss this one folks :)

It can be found HERE

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Not to spoil but we found something awesome come and watch ;-)

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Session 11 is now up.

In it we return on the night of the play and wreck

destruction and carnage with crazy men, wizards and golems. Oh my!

Found here as usual :)

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Just wanted to let you know : as a DM to a brand new Way of the Wicked game, I am keeping a close eye on your progress hoping to catch some of the upcoming bumps in our campaign in time.

Keep up the good work !


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Glad to hear that you enjoy the series Korbem!

It really is one of the best published Campaign I have ever played in Pathfinder. New angle, interesting quests and conepts. It also opens up alot after Book 1 i'm told.

And on that note:

Session 12 is now up folks.

In it we have our fiercest battle yet and our very existence stands on the razors edge. And Cairen becomes a legend.

It can be found HERE as usual :)

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Session 13 is now up, which is fitting since it is almost the 13th today.

Bit of a stretch I know...

In this session the slaughter continues, we run into an old friend and Markas is the Penguin of Death.

It can be found HERE

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Our master adventure continues. Azureus is ready to let everything good burn.

Come watch and see how we are doing in our plots of destruction, deceit and surprising success.

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Session 14 AND 15 is no up. Call it a early Xmas present, lol.

In the final episodes of book 1 the slaughter turns to bitter struggle as we and the defenders of Balentyne give it our all to win. It is very rough all the way to the end so don't miss it :)

It can be found HERE

-- ! ATTENTION ! --

After this there will be a new playlist for Book 2. I will post a new link to it in the next upload post. Be sure to follow it :)

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Hello folks,

New book and new playlist!

It can be found HERE

In this episode we roleplay, go to a dinner party and throw our fantastic survival rolls against one of Talingardes most dangerous forest!

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Let book 2 commence with amazing amounts of evil and a minor issue of survival checks.

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This is awesome! If you ever need a new player, I'm in! I've never played any kind of table top before, but have always wanted to (just couldn't find a group).

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Allright, Another 2 sessions up!

We explore the Town of Farholde, contemplate setting a forest on fire, meet some hot boggard wives and explore the Horn of Abbadon to begin our dark work.

It can be found HERE

Also: Glad you enjoy it BBOYS2231 :)

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Session 19 is now up!

In this session we make a shopping list, found our evil organizations, once again brave the forest and have some audio problems (that are now solved hopefully).

It can be found HERE as usual :)

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Hmm this could be a funny listen while I read forums. I will check it out.

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We are still going and have now reached Book 3! We are up to session 33 and now face a valley of angels and celestials. But we bring an army of hell itself with us! Devils, Oni, Medusa, Bugbears and the Whispering Lords themselves vs one of the holiest sites in the kingdom. Enjoy the bloodbath :)

New Book 3 playlist:


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We are still going strong. having finished up Book 3 we now set our sights at Book 4. And a Live Stream!


Fri July 11th. 21:00 CEST / 15:00 EDT / 12:00 PDT



We are going to have our first ever livestream of Pathfinder - Way of the Wicked folks! Yes! You asked for it and we thought it was a good idea, so here we go.

We are using hitbox.tv over twitch because video is better, more stable and lag between what is streamed and viewed is much better than on twitch. So join us, won't you?


So far this will be a one-time thing. We are testing the waters to see how it goes. Apart from that I will still be recording and putting up the sessions on Jonas/Rahal/Sharingan's channel. We are not planning to stop doing this so fear not if you miss the live stream.

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Our (now) weekly livestreams are still a thing. And we are getting Close to interacting with alot of dragons and at least one party member is scared senseless at the prostpect. Tune in TONIGHT (or later on the channel) to find out who. :)

When? Fri July 18th. 21:00 CEST / 15:00 EDT / 12:00 PDT

Where? http://www.hitbox.tv/smw3

We are using hitbox.tv over twitch because video is better, more stable and lag between what is streamed and viewed is much better than on twitch. So join us, won't you?

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Loading Video...

Pathfinder Live Stream Tonight!

We are nearing the end of book 4 after more than a year of playing. This will be a Titanic battle as we invade the heart of our hated foe's domain. You don't want to miss this! :)

When? Tonight! 21:00 CEST / 15:00 EDT / 12:00 PDT

Where? http://www.hitbox.tv/smw3

We are going to have our weekly Pathfinder - Way of the Wicked livestream!

We are using hitbox.tv over twitch because video is better, more stable and lag between what is streamed and viewed is much better than on twitch. So join us, won't you?

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Finally, after 2 months of being unable to play, Way of the Wicked is back on track!

And what's more we are doing a double session this weekend with the ambition to go out guns blazing and finish up book 5!


Friday! 20:00 GMT / 15:00 EST / 12:00 PST

Saturday! 19:00 GMT / 14:00 EST / 11:00 PST



With our DMs computer problems finally fixed we plan on going back to our regular schedule for Way of the Wicked. We are getting so close to our ultimate goal of breaking Talingarde and seizing control. So come and hang out and watch us try conquer all. :D

The sessions will of course continue to be uploaded to Sharingan/Rahal's youtube channel.