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Despite the advances we have made with science, there is nothing available yet that will keep us alive for ever. We do last long now as humans than we did say 100 years ago, as the average life back then was much lower. Honestly I am sure most of us do not wish to live forever anyway, that is another discussion that we shan't go in to. So I ask you what do you think happens after you die, do you believe in life after death?

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I believe in Life After People. That show is intense.

Also, no. I don't.

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I'm not really sure (is anyone sure?), and I'm in no hurry to find out, but I guess I will soon enough. Until then, it's best not to think about it because you'll find a lot more questions than solid answers.

Deep topic though.

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I don't know.

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Do you believe in life after love?

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no, do you?

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I see no reason to believe in life after death aside from wishful thinking.

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Yeah sure, no hurt in doing so.  Thats not to say I dont try to make every day meaningful.  I still believe you only get one life on earth and you only get one chance to do everything and anything you want here.  That gave me goosebumps

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If I had to guess, no. 
But it's silly to state it objectively.

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There is no life after death. That's why they call it death. It's pathetic, childish wishful thinking.

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There's no afterlife. You're just dead. That's it. Nothing else.

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Do you beliiiieve in life after love after love after love after love...

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When we die we turn into pancakes, only to be devoured by a giant mongoose named Tom.

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I beleve Its like sleeping, when sleeping, unless your dreaming, you are just in nothingness, no since of time, nothing, until you wake up. then you realize you where dreaming all along. thats what i bet its like being dead, except you never get the sensation of waking up. And thats why a lot of people who "die" then get brought back "see" heaven.

also there is a disappointing lack of Lost references in this thread.

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I don't know. Anyone who here who says otherwise must have some sort of insider information. Or maybe... they don't really know either.

It would be nice though, not to be completely gone forever. I just read the book 'Stiff', on the important uses of cadavers. While very interesting, it also sincerely creeped me out.... kinda hope for something more in the end.

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How fucking crazy would it be if there was life after death. I die, wake up somewhere else and Jesus is just looking at me, then sends my ass to hell for being a nonbeliever. Oh the irony.

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@Video_Game_King said:

There's no afterlife. You're just dead. That's it. Nothing else.

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You guys don't know what you are talking about. I already have the names for all 72 of my virgins picked out and everything.

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I want to believe, but it does not seem likely, does it? I'm a pretty imaginative guy but a scenario where there's some ambiguous, peaceful, "conscious" afterlife doesn't wash with me. It's like trying to think back before you were born, you can't do it. Not existing, eternal nothingness and other song titles from a black metal album. When I was a kid I used to think about this topic quite a bit and it scared the shit out of me. Still does tbh...so the lesson is, enjoy this life, don't think about what's after, although I don't begrudge people who believe in God or heaven or whatever gives them comfort. Faith is a thing that gets people thru tough times - it's arrogant of others to deny people that faith...and that's a whole 'nother topic, friends and neighbors.

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I guess you got a great and sporting chance to become a grim reaper. =-P

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Worms meat.

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Life after death as dictated by the Christian theology? No. Something after death? Sure, particularly if the "infinite universes/infinite possibilities" theory is correct.

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Death is an undulation in consciousness. How would you know you’re alive unless you've once been dead?

-Alan Watts

Getting deep up in here!

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Nope, we done.

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Who knows? Hopefully not, I don't want to burn for all eternity.

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I don't know, but I choose to believe in what VGK said.

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It's the same as before you were born. You didn't exist in 1853, just like you won't exist in 2153.

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If your girl shops in sizes that are too small, let her cuz girls look better in a real tight sweater

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@hoossy said:

I don't know. Anyone who here who says otherwise must have some sort of insider information. Or maybe... they don't really know either.

It would be nice though, not to be completely gone forever. I just read the book 'Stiff', on the important uses of cadavers. While very interesting, it also sincerely creeped me out.... kinda hope for something more in the end.

I don't think anyone claims to know in here. It's all a matter of opinion and how developed your critical thinking skills are.

On a side note, why do people fear not living? I can understand fearing dying, but not the not-being-alive part. If you were born in 1980 then that means you weren't alive in 1979. If the thought of that doesn't scare you, why should the reverse?

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Well, there is no evidence to suggest there is an afterlife. Because of this, and the fact that when you die your brain starts to malfunction leading to audible and visual phenomenon people mistake as heaven, I believe that when you die you do not exist in any spiritual, conscious or physical form, aside from decomposed or cremated remains. I believe there is no life after death.

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Great, now i'm listening to Cher. Thanks a lot.

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Sure. Until someone can prove otherwise without any doubt, I see no reason not to. Call it wishful thinking if you want, but I'd rather live life with the comforting thought of something else coming after death. After all, it's not like I'll be able to be disappointed if I'm wrong.

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No, I believe in life after love.

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No, I sure hope not.

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wow, that was a little back handed of you.

And speaking of critical thinking skills, being afraid of not being alive is a pretty reasonable concern for many. It doesn't concern me much, but let's face it, our conception of the world, including its history stretching out far before we were born, is based on our ability to think about it. While we are alive. All in all, humans are pretty selfish creatures; our understanding of the world is built around our own needs and desires. To have that ability stripped from us... forever.. by being no more... is a bizarre and sometimes scary thought for people. Something that no one can completely comprehend... or will ever comprehend, because well, you will be dead.

So, my critical thinking tells me that it is reasonable to face the looming reality of no-more-me/you with a sense of ... angst.

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@Garfield518 @TheHumanDove @S0ndor I can feel something inside me say, i really don't think you're strong enough, no!.

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I believe in death after life.

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When you die you are done, you don't go to some other spiritual plane or reborn, you are straight up done.

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Yes, and then I'm going to play Death at chess for all eternity. It will be glorious, much like Bill & Ted's experiences.

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Our conscious will still exist...someplace/time else.

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Even though I believe death is the end and there is nothing more, I would still prefer to be buried than cremated. I would like for my body to be eaten by little creatures who are in turn eaten by bigger creatures and the DNA which made me will continue to exist in some form, allowing other life forms to grow. I want to be part of the great cycle as opposed to being scorched into nothingness. 

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No, you're dead and it's that simple.

It's like before you were born, there's nothing.

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I don't even know if i am alive. I'm afraid of dying, and when i think about the time i wasn't born, i get afraid too.  Also, there is no evidence, so i will enjoy my "life" while i can. 

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If there is something after life... then I hope it's like a big save system of your entire life... And I'll want to go Renegade the second time around... or something like that...