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I am not much of a blog poster, but after searching far and wide for a way to listen to old Hotspot episodes with the GB crew I found a large number of them still hosted on the gamespot CDN server after seeing this post in the forums

So with that in hand I tried to figure out all the podcast names by scouring other sources and came up with an list of still working downloads for what I believe is most if not all the episodes. Since the Gamespot archive page for the Hotspot is a redirect loop after the site update, and that I could find no other place documenting how to obtain these episodes without resorting to file sharing I thought it would be a good idea to share what I have found. Sorry they are not in any real order.

If I have missed episodes or a link doesn't work let me know!

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Awesome, I will definitely have a listen thanks for the effort

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The HotCast!

Topical discussion of the Hot Coffee controversy! I'm just glad I own what is now a collectors edition San Andreas PC copy which includes all the dirties but is also pre-AO rating.

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I clicked a random link and got a Jeff/Brad/Rich/Greg podcast, the very first one after they got a Wii. Those were some great shows, man.

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@andrewb: Which episode is that? Kinda interested on hearing Jeff's thoughts on that.

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If you want some of these broken down into highlights, has some fantastic best of collections of the hotspot.

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This is so awesome, thank you!

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Words can not express how much I am grateful for this since even though the This Year collection of the Hotspot is great, I always wanted to find somewhere where I can listen to old episodes and came across this thread. I remember some of the episodes like the 21st August 07 one has the kid who kept calling in with the short stories and the rap and Alex and Tor Thorsen losing it just as the call ended.

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I totally forgot how awesome the hotspot was back in the day.

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Probably my favorite Hotspot moment was when jeff's freaking out about Heat the game on one of the e3 06 podcasts.

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Still my favorite gaming podcast of all time. Rich, Jeff, and Bob were innovators.

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There are some fantastic ones from 05 and I think really early 06 when Bob Calayco, Rich, and Jeff were the core 3 and they subbed in a different editor as a 4th every week. You should check out the ThisYear blogspot for The Hotspot best of series. The guy who makes the best ofs misses a lot of core components and the his voice and musical editing are pretty terrible but it's a good way to get yourself into The Hotspot.

I remember how weird it was on the first Arrow Pointing Down Podcast where I heard Ryan or Jeff swear at Alex, they used to not be able to swear at Gamespot.

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I still feel incredibly sad when I hear ryans voice, could only get 15 mins in before I didnt want to listen anymore :( just wish he was still here..

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This is pretty cool, Thanks man.

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I miss Rich, like I thought Vinny was a poor man Rich before he came onto Giantbomb.

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Thanks a lot duder!

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Anyone have the 8th August 2006 Hotspot since that is one of the episodes I enjoy listening to but is not on the list above. It is the last one that featured Carrie Gouskos and the first to feature Vinny.

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@hagane: Was going to thank you but realised they are just the same one (4th December 2007). Oh and I tried just copying the links as shown but nothing is there. The 8th August 2006 is not there since I tried it myself and hence why I asked if anyone had it. Strange that most of 2006 and 2005 are there yet there are a few not like the one I mentioned.

Edit: The first one above doesn't work but I believe all the other ones do, which I will probably check out since I never listened to the Hotspot really again after Jeff got fired and only went back to Alex and Ryan's last ones a while back.

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Oh god that music plus Jeff's "Live from San Francisco" intro. All the memories!!!