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And my teens were spent listening to Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and STP! I guess my sisters listened to O.M.D. enough to get me into this stuff... the cure, Limahl(it's horrendous), Big Country.... lol.
It's great questing music - you won't be pissed off when you can't find something when some effeminate man is yelling in your ear about Tesla Girls! 
now and then they'll watch tv... now and then they'll speak to me.... 
I'm old... =\

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  The 80's had this. It shouldn't make you feel old, it should make you feel awesome.
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I love 80's music. It can be extremely cheese, but I find it much, much better than today's extremely cheesy. Scandal's The Warrior, El DeBarge's Who's Johnny, Genesis' Invisible Touch and John Parr's St. Elmo's Fire are among my favorites :P

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I'm 18 so obviously the 80s wasn't my generation, but oh man, do I love me some 80s music. I swear more then half of the songs on my HDD are 80s music. 

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@NoSuchSol said:
"And my teens were spent listening to Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and STP!"
Fucking awesome bands! I've listened to both STP and Nirvana in the last 15 minutes, actually.
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The 80's produced some of the best music out there. I love me some 80's post-punk, as well as all the classic rock bands like The Smiths or The Replacements.

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Probably one of my fav bands from the 80's 
Social Distortion > Greenday 


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The Smiths.
Really all that needs to be said regarding 80s music.

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80s and 90s music rock. You can't deny the magical strength it has. Today's music sucks.  

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The fact that an album released in 2000 is celebrating it's 10th anniversary makes me feel old. I was born in 87 by the way.

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I listen to 80's & 90's music and get transported back into a childhood full of win...

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Listen to The Replacement for some good 80's rock.  Alex Chilton anyone?
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@JoeyRavn said:
" I love 80's music. "
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You want 80's? Here's my favorite tune! 

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@Lemon said:
" You want 80's? Here's my favorite tune!  "
Hey Lemon!
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The Cure were my favourite band from the 80's - still are. They could get a little goofy but I feel that they definitely transcended the generation. Unfortunately, there new stuff hasn't been great. =*(