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I have to most boring summer job ever. I sit at a cart for six hours straight and hand out free samples. I have so much down time because it take twenty minutes for the food to cook, so I literally just sit there...alone.

I need your help! I'm trying to think of a way I can listen to music and podcasts at work without getting in trouble. I do have a supervisor that comes around so I can't be obvious about it. Do you have any clever ideas about how I could pull this off? It would make work so much more bearable.

Thanks in advance.

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Why don't you just ask your supervisor if you can listen to it? I'm sure if you go to him/her with a good argument as to why you should be able to listen to some music they wouldn't object to it. I mean if you are just alone it shouldn't matter if you listen to music or not.

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As nightshift factory worker that stays in his own area all night, my bosses a pretty cool with it. I would die without my music and podcasts. 12 hour shifts tend to drag on and on when there's nothing going on.

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@MattadorD: It's a rule that we're not supposed to. We're supposed to spend all of our time trying to sell our product. The problem is that the store is usually empty.

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Bluetooth hands free. Won't be good for music, but podcasts will be passable and you won't have issues, as you can just claim you have a sick mother or some such and need to be contactable and didn't want to be in a position of having to look at your phone.

I wouldn't ask for permission, personally, as if they say no you're fucked. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission

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@Tim_the_Corsair: Are there any that are really really tiny? I'm not supposed to talk on the phone, the excuse wouldn't work.

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No, you have to do it clandestinely. I've been considering the same thing recently and haven't come up with the perfect solution but I'm working on it. I'm thinking along the lines of getting the earbuds with the narrowest cord possible and smallest ear bud part, color it flesh toned somehow. Run the cable up the undershirt, or tape it with medical tape to you chest or shirt so the cord can never fall loose through the bottom of the shirt. Also get the ipod nano, the newest smallest one and you can clip that or affix that to the waistband of your boxers, or to one wrist if you wear a long shirt so you can double tap the button to pause it. Only ever listen in one ear, and be able to quickly rip it out of your ear and toss it into the shirt collar or neck area so that the evidence is hidden. The shirt type would definitely matter. I dunno that's about as far as I've thought it through.

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When I fill the milk section at the store I work at I run a pair of earbuds up through my hoodie, doesn't seem that's an option for you though. I have nothing of value to add.

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hmm, Sheriff Dispatcher/911 12 hour shifts, Netflix and podcasts are one way to pass the graveyard shifts.

Hint wise, i have a friend who uses a small blue tooth ear piece to listen to podcasts on. its not all that great for music but podcasts are fine with only one ear. its also easy to palm and pocket if the boss shows up.

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Podcasts all day, every day. I don't think I'd be able to do my job without them.

The OP might consider a change in careers if the work is that mind-numbing.

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I listen to podcasts at work, also. I've had three jobs throughout my life, it was frowned upon to listen have earphones on at only one and that really just depended on what manager was there that day. My last job and current job would be near impossible to do without podcasts to distract from the stress.