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Are you attempting to be funny?

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Not in the locking of threads but maybe the UNlocking of threads.

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@SpikeSpiegel: Don't get sassy with me.

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No. The mods exist for a reason.

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Hey look, its a spin-off thread.....and considering the thread it is spinning-off from got locked, I predict this will get locked too.

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Yes, And I vote to lock this thread.

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I agree with StarvingGamer.

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This isnt a democracy. The last thing in the world that you want to happen is for the people here to have an actual say in how things are done. That's how sites are ruined.

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Actually, sure. Let this forum descend into anarchy and give every user the power to ban others, lock threads and delete threads. That should turn out just fine.

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i think there should be a lengthy and burdensome appeal process, mired in bureaucracy.

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@Dagbiker said:

Yes, And I vote to lock this thread.

HA! Jokes on you. You don't get a vote.

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Having a say in threadlocking would just take too much time, nothing would ever be locked, deserving or not.

I'm all for allowing the argument AFTERWARDS to unlock a thread that is seen as unfairly treated. Though this should mainly be done in PMs with the responsible mod.

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I'm going to go with the first post that answered this poll which is...

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This one! Have a fabulous day.