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Hey All,

I've started a comedy podcast that seems to be doing quite poorly, as in--nobody listens to it, pretty much ever. I'm curious to get real and honest, even harsh, criticism. You can go to this link if you're interested:

Thanks in advance...

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You have mic echo. Your intro is awkwardly edited and the conversations don't make sense. You need more practice being on mic and developing an interesting personality (or at least one that translates well on radio).

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You need more boobs. That's what sells these days.

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It's not part of my habits to listen to random podcasts, but I respect the fact that you're asking for asking for harsh criticism, which most producers of any kind of content are allergic to nowadays.

So I followed your link and listened to about 10 minutes of 'Episode 1: Conflict Resolution' then I skimmed 'Episode 3: A Disappointing Twitter Moment with Ricky Gervais', right up until around the point where you describe the 'moment' in question. What struck me was that you are preoccupied with the teething problems of your podcast, to the extent that it's simply not interesting to listen to.

I didn't get a sense of any coherent theme through what I heard in either episode. The Gervais twitter story went nowhere, unfortunately, and also tied into your desire to cultivate attention for the podcast despite the fact that there doesn't appear to be much to draw attention to atm.

I think you need to decide what the main appeal should be. Is it a bunch of guys having a natural-sounding chat? Because the fixation on the details of the podcast and its failings really hamstrings that. If you want to see how it can be funny to deconstruct your own work ina self-deprecating manner, check out comedian Stewart Lee. Do you have unique/funny insights about certain topics? Because you don't talk enough about anything interesting for this to be evident.

You do seem to have good chemistry in some unplanned moments. However, the podcast is both too forced and also not well coordinated enough atm. Sort out the latter problem first and then work on having some interesting convos for people to listen in on.

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you are boring

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Hey All, thanks for the feedback. I agree, it is very unfocused and boring at times. There are also sound issues. I'd hoped that some of that stuff was sort of charming in that it is more "real" and we would be making people laugh at our incompetency.

But I suppose that isn't really working. We've shortened up the more recent shows and I'm trying to tighten things up. Hopefully, with practice, we will get better...?