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I'm putting together a series of videos as portfolio pieces and I'd like some help. This particular video I put together is a sort of fake show intro using the members of Giantbomb.com.

I'm looking for some feedback on timing, color, audio levels, visual flow, and anything else you can think of. There are some things I am concerned about, but I'm not sure if that's just me being crazy because I've stared at it for so long. I don't want to say them lest I poison your minds into seeing the flaws I'm seeing. Just let me know if you like it or not and why. Even if you like it an explanation is always good to hear.

Edit: Also spelling errors. I checked it a billion times, but I'm bound to have screwed up someone's name in there somewhere.

EditEdit: Ok so I made a few modifications. I took out the voices, made the ending look better, let the names stay on longer. So here it the new edition with your ideas. Thanks for helping me make this more awesome!

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Didn't see any spelling errors. I thought it was fun to watch. I'm afraid that the average person might not be able to read the names as quick. People here only need to see Vinny's face and see the letters "Vin..." and their brain fills in the gaps. I'm not sure if I showed it to my mother if she'd have the time to read it. However, I do know that you probably don't want to hang too long on names. Also I liked the background grid a lot and the font. Reminded me of some cool 80s logos.

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I liked it.

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  • Varying levels of quality in the video but I suspect that's the source videos' original states rather than anything you did.
  • The font colour style rubs me the wrong way, if the blue went and it was just bold, standing-out white? Yeah I like the sound of that

That's all I can think of really.

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@FLStyle: Yeah it was tough finding appropriate video. Because they went from all standard def to HD stuff it differs. Also, a lot of the I Love Mondays and Mailbag things are super shaky, and it's hard to get a clear picture.

Changing the fonts would be simple. I'll try it and see how it looks. Thanks!

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Great video!

Twas Awesome.

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I thought the vid was good.

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The video looks cool. My only comment is that Ryan's sound is of lesser quality and Brad's deep, sultry voice is a bit hard to understand with the music going wild. Vinny and Patrick are crystal clear.

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I liked it, although I'll echo the criticism of the font, but I'm not sure if that's only because the other dude instilled it into my mind. The jerk...

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That was awesome! Very nice.

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Good video. I do agree with the criticism that the names might be going too fast to read, particularly if you don't know the names ahead of time.

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I liked it. I didn't lose interest in it I think because there was a lot going on and it was well put together. I like the blue through the font. Kind of reminds me of Transformers though, I don't know why, and that's neither here nor there with your request for comments really I guess! But mm, good work. =]

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I watched it with and without audio.

With audio: The audio had good levels, it felt appropriate, and everything was paced well.

Without audio: Cut it at about 34 seconds, as the ending logo piece just lingers a little too long and feels kind of weird for a TV show intro.

That's about the only notes I could give. I thought it was pretty decent. Usually, most shows without a cold open...like the intro you have going there, are around 30 seconds or so. Cutting it down just a tad will help it be concise and get the point across.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'll re-tool the ending. I, too, feel like it's a bit out of place.

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@BoogieWithStu: Nice editing job =). Also, digging the retro SEGA vibe!

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I also second the criticism about the ending. Just have it hit and only stay for a couple seconds. Also if you can somehow get that to match the aesthetic of the rest that would help. The whole thing has a retro tech vibe and that ending hit is totally different. Maybe you could even remake the GB logo to fit? And have those grid lines between the videos. Also when it spins in there's some dead black on the top and bottom from it being wide.

Sorry about the nitpicking. I really do like it, but I learned from many art critiques myself that it's necessary. Keep it up!

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Needs more star wipes.

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I don't like the quotes, because they sound so different to the rest of the video as far as audio quality goes that they end up feeling really out of place. Not helped by the fact that some of those quotes are utter nonsense out of context. Vinny's wizard quote is fine, but I'd have no idea what the hell Ryan was on about if I hadn't heard the bombcast his line was from.

Other than that, looks and sounds great!

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@BoogieWithStu: Someone said it was fine, but in my opinion the audio levels need adjusting for the quotes. I found myself somewhat straining to hear them even though I knew all of them already. Tone down the music or adjust the volume, maybe use something a little more down tempo. Also not the biggest fan of those 80's era graphics unless that was an attempt at a retro feel then I guess it succeeds. I personally prefer a more minimalistic approach to projects like these so to me it's an effects overload.

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Looks good, the only thing I would suggest doing especially if you are doing more intros for fake web shows or anything in the web in general it needs to a lot shorter. Other than that a good start.

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Maybe I will take out the quotes. They do seem out of place, now that I think of it. I just didn't want it to get boring. Maybe some tiny audio cues for the "scanner" and stuff? Or do you think that'd be too much?

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Really like the tron-ish/grid backgrounds which fade into the original scene the still was cut from idea, pretty nice. However the cuts felt too fast, I couldn't really take in any of the other scenes. And I'm not sure about them being fades from one scene to the next as well, maybe just straight cuts would have suited the clips better - it'd give you more time to actually see each one anyway.

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Fucking excellent. Good call on the Tron feel. If ever CBS felt like doing some Giant Bomb ads on national TV, this would just about do it.

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@Whamola: And star wipe to Flanders...

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Made some adjustments and posted it as the first post. Thanks a million, guys.