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As a regular listener and viewer of the bomb crew, there has been this one sound effect that Jeff likes using sometimes (also employed by the late Ryan Davis), and it's really bugging me that I don't know what the sound effect is attributed to. It kind of sounds like 'BZHZHZHZHZHZHZHZHZHZHZHZHZHZH'. Imagine making a 'b' sound with your teeth clenched followed by exhaling air with rounded lips.

If you need some examples of where this sound can be found, Jeff makes it a couple of times during the MLB 14 The Show PS4 quicklook opening part (like in 2:27), and Ryan uses a variant of it in the Army of Two The Devil's Cartel quicklook after Jeff says "Slow motion breach scenes!" at around the 7-min mark.

I just think it's always funny whenever they make that sound.

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@wrecks: wow. I guess it was that obvious. Thanks.